Trip Report-Day 2

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Escrito por Grumpy in Lake Cowichan desde ( el día viernes, 06 de marzo, 2009 a las 01:07:59 horas :

It finally happened,after a 2 year wait,it was fanatastic, We woke up opened our eyes and we were in Zihua. After a couple of hours asleep in the hammock last night we made our way to bed and slept for a few hours. The room we were in had the bed facing the ocean and the whole wall was glass..what a view. We could hardly wait to start the day and we were up a few minutes after 6. Maybe not early for some but it was 4 am Pacific time. Made a pot of tea and headed out to the balcony to watch the day start. Many people all ready up and about walking and exercising along Playa Madera,I tell you I was getting tired just watching them. There was a menu for the Bistro del Mar and they had a breakfast buffet listed. We had decided before we started our trip that we would try as many different restaurants as we could but after last nights meal decided to give it a try.I put on my Grumpy ball cap as I had told KateP she could identify us by that. We were a little early for the restaurant and they did not have tea (deal breaker) so we headed down Playa Madera in search of breakfast. We had wanted to try La Casa Cafe and after walking along the walkway to town we took the shortcut to Calle Adelita turned right at Nardo's and after a short walk there it was. Busy place,lots of atmosphere,again appeared to be just as described on the board by other posters.Great smells,aroma of fresh coffee & bacon cooking lots of people.The waitresses were very pleasant and were trying hard to speak english and were probably doing better at that than we were at speaking spanish. The people of Zihua smile with their whole face,hard to describe but I think anyone who has been there knows what I mean,they are very warm and welcoming. We shared a table with another couple who were from Washington State and a fellow Canadian from Vancouver. Just before sitting down I heard someone say that must be them and looked over and we met KateP and her husband Tyler.(the hat always works) We introduced ourselves and agreed we would catch up at Happy Hour tonight at the hotel. Breakfast was very good and sharing it with other Zihua fans hearing their stories and tales made for a great start to the day.Needed to get to the ATM and Terry-our breakfast table mate from Vancouver-said he was going that way and walked with us to the Scotiabank just over the bridge from Calle Adelita and about a blocks walk on the other side of the canal.As we were walking along we were passed by a couple of collectivos and I couldn't help but laugh thinking of our ride from the airport yesterday. Said so long to Terry and headed in to use the ATM-all went well I got the limit allowed-3500 pesos-but was a little disappointed as most of it was in 500 bills.No biggy we would figure a way to break them down later. Headed back to the hotel as the plan for the day was to just chill at the hotel and see what the day would present on Playa Madera. After getting our gear from the room we headed down to the loungers under the palapas on the beach. Mrs. Grumpy and I had been working very hard the last few months before the trip,she being a nurse working long hours etc,me in automotive service, so for us to be able to just sit at the beach for the day and read or have a seista or another drink or whatever we wanted to do was going to be a real treat. Oh did I mention we left our 3 kids back in B.C...Our oldest was home from University for the week and was taking care of her younger sister and brother....They were getting a break from us as well,everybody wins. Anyways the day was pretty much spent lazing around,reading, going for the odd dip in the pool-no ocean for these guys,at least not here,we will wait for Las Gatas and having a couple of cocktails. Lots of people heading along the beach in both directions all day,what a great spot to people watch. For lunch we headed over to MJ & Ritches-shrimp tacos and cheese tacos-couple of Agua Mineral,Tea Negro and back to the palapas at the hotel. What a life, I could feel my batteries being recharged all ready ,this was going to be a good week. After the hard day at the beach we headed up to the room to get ready for happy hour at the lobby bar before heading into town for dinner and the show at the Basketball Court. We met Kate and Tyler for a drink, they too had a great day,were loving Zihua and the hotel as much as we were,seemed like a very nice couple.They too were heading in for the show but a little later. What a great walkway it is heading along the beach into town-What did you call it Frostbite-Grab A** Alley I think.If you have walked it after sunset you know what he means. We were a little early into town and were able to get a table right on the beach under the stars for dinner at Daniels. We both had chicken corden blue for dinner followed up by baked ice cream.Funniest thing happened while we were eating dinner,a woman approached our table as she thought I was the guy who worked at the service center where she took her car and she was right,I recognized her as well,small world this planet of ours sometimes.They were just finishing their time here and heading back to B.C. the next day. When we finished dinner we headed back to the Basketball Court and watched the show and all of the people.Dancers,music,food vendors,kids running around,noise from passing cars,people all jammed back into this square what a super night.Walked back to the hotel along the walkway to Playa Madera and enjoyed the warmth of the evening,it has been a colder snowier winter than usual on Vancouver Island and we were both starting to unthaw a bit.Made it back to the room and thought we should check in with the kids. The Brisas del Mar has wi-fi and we had brought the lap top along to check in with the kids while we were away.Mrs Grumpy and the oldest had WebCam to WebCam conversations-gotta love technology.Worked from our room if we set it up on the balcony. Sounded like they had a good day as well...the oldest had made a taco bake followed by ice cream for dinner which prompted our 10 year to say "Mom and Dad should go to Mexico more often"....We said good night to the kids and headed off to bed as we were tired from our long hard day of doing absolutely be continued

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