Last Day in Paradise

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Escrito por Paul desde ( el día sábado, 07 de marzo, 2009 a las 16:32:04 horas :

We arrived in "Z" Thursday week ago- by 11:25am we were sipping out Box Wine on the front 2nd floor porch of Hotel Casa Aurora watching and listening to the sights & "Z" with a very hard decision to make- where are we going to eat. A week ago today left for our Aqua Unit at Pacifica and there the hard decisions were what time to we go down for their breakfast buffet and then where are we going to spend most of the day- stay at our own Palapa till time to order cocktails and snacks and then go to either the infinity pool by Sands or the new Aqua pool and hang along the sides and watch the people walking on the beach below or watch the pelicans dive bomb for the small fish right below. The problem with snacks at the Aqua is it took about 45min to arrive- we would call for service as soon as we got down and order double drinks. Decisions, decisions. Now tomorrow morning catch a flight back to the real world- we are all ready booked with Mexicana using air miles for our last week of Oct & 1st week of Nov- we will be like a friend who starts down counting when he gets under year to return.

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