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Escrito por Lee desde (c-71-63-152-49.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) el día domingo, 08 de marzo, 2009 a las 20:47:11 horas :

This was our second trip to Zihua. I have read this board and followed many tips given here. We stayed at the Irma this time and had a very good experience. It will definitely be on our list for abodes next year. We were on the 4th floor, ocean view, and it was great.

Had wonderful food at Lety's, La Casa Cafe (Greg really enjoyed the wireless and their vanilla cappuccino was almost too pretty to drink!) and the Irma. Discovered the Corner Bar and Harry and spent (maybe too much) time there.

We did the Sunset Cruise on the Picante as we had done in 2006 and it was a fun experience. The taxi ride to Puerto Mio is an experience in itself!

We have no complaints about our time there----well, maybe the safe deposit box at the Irma, but they did get that fixed so we could get in and out of it in reasonable time. Of course, we waited until Friday to have it fixed so we would be sure to get our passports and paperwork out for the trip back to MN.

We stopped by Frostbite's place so I could see it in person and although we just saw the exterior, it looks to be a very nice place. We were there too early to get any cold cervasa on the 26th!

Next year, we're going to try for 10 days! Too much relaxing to do in a short 7 day stay!!

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