Trip Report- Day 3

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It will probably take another week or so to get all of the Trip Report done,as since we have come back home to reality it is life once again full speed ahead,I should start by saying that this report is from our time Feb 21-28 08. We stayed at the Brisas del Mar and I see the questions from Trip Report Day 2 have all been answered.We would stay there again in a heartbeat,great place, great staff.

Thank you for your kind words regarding the Trip reports.The last month or so I have read lots of negative posts on this board.mostly from the usual suspects, I might add. I thought I would share our experience we had in Zihua on a day by day basis,as it is- as we all know a truly wonderful place even with all of the present circumstances.

Day 3- Again up early just after 6:00, looked over beside me and holy smokes my wife is still here. I guess she can't get called in to work(nurse)from down here,another bonus of Zihua.Made the tea and we watched Playa Madera wake up from the balcony. Busy again today with what appears many of the same people excerising,walking etc on a beach.There is even a few dogs running around and playing today.Looks like about 10 boats heading out for fishing as well out in the distance,all ready a bit humid today,I think it is going to be a warm one.I could get used to this. We got ready and headed out for breakfast,went up to the lobby from our room,if you don't like stairs or stairs are a problem, than this hotel may not be for you-and headed out the front down Heart Attack hill to Calle Adelita. We were going back to Casa Cafe today but ended up walking back to Rufo's for breakfast as they are closed on Mondays. The ladies were busy making fresh orange juice along Calle Adelita,someone had just watered their plants and washed off the sidewalk as well,I love that fresh smell in the morning on hot days.Breakfast was fine at Rufo's,service and price good but we will certainaly be back to La Casa Cafe again.Busy street Calle Adelita,we had a table at the front and their were lots of people going to and fro,a few vehicles as well as an ATV going back and forth. After breakfast back to the hotel to get ready to head to La Ropa. We had rested well yesterday to prepare for the gruelling task of spending the day at Le Perla on La Ropa. I know there have been a lot of negative reports about La Perla, but we had to go. This is our second time in Zihua,the first was a couple of years ago. We were staying at Presidente in Ixtapa at an All inclusive and after couple of days of noise and lining up for everthing we decided to come over to this beach we had checked out online before we started our trip. We came to La Perla walked through the lobby and out to the beach. What a sight,white sand and a beautiful bay.I think we were like that other couple a poster wrote on this board about.They both looked at each other and said "What the h*** are were doing staying in Ixtapa" or something along those liness.We had a great day then and wanted to come back today for sentimental reasons as that was were we first fell in love with Zihua.

We got a couple of chairs and umbrella in the front row and were ready for our day of again,you guessed it doing absolutely nothing. There were only a few people here today. I would start reading today,I never read books normally but when in Mexico usually read 2 a week. Mrs Grumpy had hers,we sunscreened up and hunkered down for the day. The beach itself seemed a lot slower than a couple of years ago,not as many people walking back and forth,I think I will try that today and see what it is all about. Tha bay wasn't too busy,boats heading back and forth from Las Gatas and a very large yacht in the middle of the bay that was being washed and cleaned by the live aboard crew I assume.Mental note-when winning the lottery don't buy a large yacht, too much to clean. We were there about an hour and had finished the water we brought and had not been asked if we wanted anything to drink etc,no one even came near us. I was getting a little thirsty so headed to the bar and bought a couple drinks for us.Quite enjoy this Victoria beer. We spent the rest of the morning lazing around. We headed out for a walk towards the south end of the beach as I wanted to get a closer look at the "path" over to Las Gatas-I think we will take the boat when we go tomorrow.A parasailing boat did show up in the early afternoon but didn't stay long as he only had 1 customer.The young lad came around to be paid for the chairs and umbrella (40 pesos) I gave him 50 and he said he would be back with the change. About an hour later we headed in for lunch and I approached the young lad and asked if he had my change and he said not yet. I would check with him after we ate.The service in the restuarant was much better than the beach. There were actually quite a few people here today once we looked out from under the covered eating area. I guess we were in lost in our own little world in the front row on the beach. We had shrimp cocktail,nachos, shrimp tacos and a hamburg as I was still craving one from last night.I couldn't find the Hamburg guy at the Basketball court that I have read so much about. Food was very good and I made sure that after I paid and tipped I had 40 Pesos in order to deal with the umbrella lad. I walked over to him and asked for my 50 peso bill back and showed him the 40 pesos.He could tell I was a little upset and said he would be right over. Indeed he came over with the change just after we relaxed back into our chairs. I don't have a problem tipping any one any time for good food or good service but this guy was trying to make his own tip and lost out today. We stayed for a couple more hours and then cabbed it back to Brisas del Mar. I did walk the beach once during the afternoon from end to end and found that it must be the feel of the sand and warm water washing over your feet as you walk that is the reason people do this all day.Or could it be to walk off all the Victoria's and shrimp tacos? I would have to think about this tomorrow at Las Gatas.

Got back to the hotel around,showered and changed and wanted to check the board as I heard something about the police station and grenades at the beach today. Sure enough there was a report about it occuring on Saturday,it had happened before we arrived. I told Mrs. Grumpy about it which made her a little more nervous than she was as I had all ready informed her about the break ins in the Madera area before we left. I had also read/heard about the person being held up along the canal the other day.We had walked that same area after going to the ATM on Sunday and would need to go to the ATM tomorrow as well.I will tell that later as we were walking to Casa Vieja tonight and didn't want her to fret. I would be and am always am aware of my/our surroundings from one of my previous lives doing security work.We had a quick drink at Happy Hour in the lobby and again soaked up the bay and Playa Madera and at the end of the day. The lobby at Brisas del Mar is open and the breeze rushes in off the bay,very good spot to be as the sun sets and the beach becomes quiet except for the steady sound of the waves. We walked back down Heart Attack hill and turned right onto Calle Adeltia for about a block and then turned left onto the next street and a couple of businesses down on the left side is Casa Vieja. This looked like a very authentic Mexican restaurant,music playing in the background,bright coloured tables and candles,lots of vegetation and we could see all this before walking through the front door/gate. We were greeted promptly and showed to a table. I think Frostbite had recommended this place on the board for the ribs so thats what I was having,Mrs Grumpy was having the pork chop. The food was very,very good,ribs were excellent.It was good we were early as it filled up very quickly after we arrived,I think we showed up at around 6:30.I was so glad we decided not to stay at AI's anymore as so far we were having a great time. we headed back to the Hotel and rounding the corner at Heart Attack hill we could see Rufo's had them lined up on the sidewalk and the smell of the BBQ was fantastic,we will have to try them for dinner if we get a chance. Mental note-Need to find a way to have more than 7 days next trip.Sat on the balcony of the room for a bit and then headed off to bed. Just love the sound of the waves as you are lying in bed drifting off to sleep.....Going to be another busy day tomorrow....Heading to Las Gatas for the first be continued

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