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Escrito por Lily desde ( el día lunes, 09 de marzo, 2009 a las 10:49:24 horas :

We recently returned from two weeks in Zihuatanejo, our third visit in 11 years. We stayed at La Casa Rosa, sister hotel to and right across the street from Casa Sun & Moon in La Madera. We had previously stayed in La Ropa and Centro, but I can see why people like Madera so much. All those little hotels are so cute, and the walk to/from the beach and town is pleasant, whether you use the ocean walkway or Calle Adelita.

We quickly realized that we could have waited until we arrived to choose our lodgings. All of the hotels and bungalows appeared to have rooms available. However, we were perfectly happy with our hotel choice. I suppose this is what most would call a basic hotel, but the rooms were nice sized, clean and spacious, air con worked great, the staff was very friendly, and pride is taken in the upkeep of the hotel. Sure, there were the usual minor annoyances, but they were just that, minor. We had a master suite with kitchenette on the balcony. There are only 2 of these suites and they both over look Calle Adelita with a slice of ocean view. It’s fun to sit on the balcony and talk to passer-bys. We chose to have breakfast included with our room rate and we enjoyed our mornings in the restaurant practicing our Spanish, checking email on the PC and watching CNN on the big screen. The pool is a quiet oasis, and nice furniture is situated around the hotel for lounging, playing cards, chatting with guests. Have read some not-so-good reviews of Casa Sun & Moon, but I’m not sure why, as I thought it seemed quite nice, as well, especially the ocean-front suites. The same staff manages both hotels. One day I observed the maintenance guys carefully carrying an elderly female guest down the stairs in a chair. I wondered if we would ever see something like that in the States or Canada.

Mostly we just hung out at the pool, or Rossy’s on La Ropa, or MJ & Ritchies on Madera. Unfortunately we did experience the overflow of the lagoon into La Ropa, and the smell drove us from Rossy’s before sunset. We went to Barra de Potosi and Petatlan, and spent a day at the Posada Real in Ixtapa ($230p each for towels and drinks-inclusive). Dinners of course were the highlight of most days, most notably La Casa Vieja, Lety’s El Sanka Grill, and Pizza Loca. 3 Amigos is a friendly place. There is a small Sanka Grill next to the Estrella Blanca station (behind Commerical Mexicana), and we had FANTASTIC arrachera for only $65p each, with tortillas and all the fixings. Also had great pozole verde and a chicken tamale at Tamales y Atole Any.

A couple of bizarre occurrences we probably won’t forget: Our cab driver from Ixtapa was PICKING NITS FROM HIS HAIR AND EATING THEM. Also, one day a little Mexican girl not more than 5 years old and her little brother were hanging around our table at MJ & Richies. We had given them some candy. Suddenly the girl starts singing what must have been a Mexican pop song (I could only make out the words “ultra sexy”), and doing a very seductive bump and grind, a la Shakira, INCLUDING a perfectly executed salsa shimmy move. It was most alarming, and quite embarrassing! She then asked for pesos. When I said NO, she moved on to the next table and repeated her performance. Aiy yai yai!

I think I will never again take travellers cheques to Mexico. Our experience at Scotiabank really sucked. Using the Banamex ATM is so much easier and really, doesn’t cost any more than travellers cheques. We did get a counterfeit 200p note from an ATM, though.

Overall we had a great experience in Z and never felt unsafe.

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