Coffee/Children's Library Project of Barra de Potosi

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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día martes, 10 de marzo, 2009 a las 16:34:40 horas :

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So sorry to have missed meeting you this time- Glad it looks as though I might have another chance!

I agree that Mune's coffee is exceptionally good...and I've become a bit of a coffee purist (nice way to say picky addict). I am so pampered to have it available all the time. Mune has lots ready to sell along with our own organic high mineral content sea salt from the lagoon of Potosi. It's a good feeling to know that buying this coffee supports a micro-loan micro-business and the growing entrepreneurial confidence of families in La Barra.

The Children's Library Project is truly busy in particular now as we are into our cycle of connected activities relating to environmental protection. We have put in the first two of our organic gardens, we've had the composting workshop and the Bees workshop. Tomorrow we'll put in more seeds in Wednesday's Planting Workshop. Next Wednesday is our Paper Paking Workshop (using our own thrown away paper) where we'll start to learn about recycling and we'll start up our village recycling project also of plastics and other things.

Then the following Wednesday is our first 'Around the Village' community cleanup where we'll mark off all the areas into bite sized chunks and clean up the first one...turning these spaces (once a month) into organic garden plots wherever possible.

The kids and also their parents have been responding to all this with so much excitement! We've had parents and friends volunteering to teach what they know about the gardening and to join in with the cleanup. They feel excited and proud and all will be learning and gaining. What is really wonderful is the response of parents and grandparents. It has starting much story telling of how the grandparents used to have they used to save all the goat p**p for the come we stopped that? etc

There are so many aspects to the learning that will be dovetailed in together in a growing web. For example,the kids are already working on the marketing for the store they want to put together to sell their organic veges. For this they have to focus on the math (for the accounting and selling part), learn why organic is different and good (biology and health), research pricing, organize who does what (managerial), learn what skills their grandparents used to have that have been lost (history) etc...for all this they must improve their reading and writing skills of course.

We will also be bringing work in the English classes into the system. The children will be motivated to learn from a new perspective as they will benefit from speaking English with the international clients buying at the organic garden products store they want to make at the Library. They have a lot of energy for all of these things.

In the meantime, we'll be making books out of the paper they make and they'll be filling these books with their own writing and painting. Plus we'll be bringing in poems and writings from masters from all cultures for the story hour in the library. And we'll look for themes having to do with nature, protecting the earth, farming etc.

Already we've used the story books in the library to start off the "Importance of Bees' workshop. It all dovetails together and is tremendous fun. We are very excited.

If anyone out there wants to participate or has an idea for us as we explore these activities please feel most warmly invited. We have already had several volunteers to help with the plantings and the cleanups and future workshops. This is a wonderful way to have fun and meet the villagers during a visit here.

It occurred to me to put out a request for seeds but I suspect that the aduana maybe doesn't allow bringing seeds in. Anyone know?

Many thanks for your visit and your note! Looking forward to seeing next time.

Hasta pronto,

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