A most marvelous day in Petatlan

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Escrito por El Tacano desde (dsl-189-147-154-145-dyn.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día domingo, 15 de marzo, 2009 a las 10:05:25 horas :

A great day in one of my favorite towns all alone. Arrived via 14 Peso Combi about 11:00. Shopped a bit before having the worlds best Hot Cakes Y Coffee at Café Los Tias for 40 pesos plus tip. Walked much of the residential area of this clean neat village with streets in good repair. After a coke at the corner Café overlooking the Plaza. I watched the Traffic cops stop all Scooter/motorbikes for inspection taking the plates & issuing tickets to at least two. Then the Bank where I received 15.6 pesos per dollar. Guess the country bank had not heard the recent drop in the Dollar. Checked out several small hotels for a future over night visit thinking the Puebloita the best at $340 pesos including AC.
Back to the market for my purchases. Looked at gold bought Silver for my Bride which fortunately she prefers.
Caught a big bus with Upholstered seats back having dinner at the Rico Mar in Pozole Alley.
A very special day

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