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Escrito por Leo desde (neus-building-center.com) el día martes, 17 de marzo, 2009 a las 11:28:35 horas :

We've beeen coming to Z on and off since 1984. It was our 1st trip to Mexico. Stayed at the old Holiday Inn in Ixtapa, we loved it. The same year we went to Acapulco and PV. No comparison to Z. Also been to Cabo and Cozumel on trips that our company sponsored for our customers. Good to have it paid for but again there is no comparison in Mexico to Z. We have been staying at Las Brisas over the years, 1st time cashed in some points on the Starwood program. Although it is a monster of a hotel the service is impeccable, pool and beach is wonderful but you have to like walking as the hike to and from the rooms can be grueling after a day of cerveza (and we are getting older). The Risotto with lobster medallions is killer at one of their restaurants, Portofino. We love to go into Z, like Coconuts, love Villa D. We usually try one or two new spots a year. Anyway the point to this rather boring post this is that Z is a wonderful retreat. I love the message board, Rob thanks for a great site and you are right, it's your site and you can say what you want but you also let others do the same. We just got back on 3/10 and miss as we usually do. Wish I had something a little more contentious to add about the area but....

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