Trip report 3/15-22

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Our second visit to Ixtapa and it was great. Loved the direct flight from Chicago, we were at the Dorado by 11 a.m. last Sunday. Room was ready by noon (although not everyone was so lucky) and it had a fabulous view (1516).

We had so many great meals: Soledia in Ixtapa (awesome), Lety's (awesome), Los Bigotes de Zapata in Ixtapa (awesome and cheap), Paty's on LaRopa (the most awesome), pozole in Pozole Alley (interesting) and Daniel's (a great final meal, also awesome). The only meal that was disappointing was at Frank's, which we felt was overpriced and very average. Heard people at our hotel complaining about terrible service there but luckily we didn't have that problem.

The night we went to Paty's, we started out at the Sunset Bar at the Catalina for happy hour, thanks to all who recommended it. What a beautiful spot.

Hired a driver, Carlos Garcia, for a tour of Z and the outlying areas. Started early to see the fish market and farmer's market. It was really interesting and he knows a lot of spots for great views of the bay.

The other days were spent at the Dorado. Occupancy seemed much lower, yet we saw good crowds at most of the restaurants we visited. Maybe more AI people are eating out?

Daughter practiced her Spanish with all the wonderful cab drivers and other local people we met. But here's what makes the area so special: our plane was loaded and turning toward the runway, I looked out the window and saw the ground crew in their yellow vests waving at us as if we were good friends. Can't say you'd ever see that at another airport (O'Hare? I don't think so). That really touched me.

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