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My husband and I just returned from our third trip to Zihua. This year we stayed at Casa Lagartija in the La Madera neighborhood. We loved the neighborhood, but unfortunately were the victims of theft. We provided the opportunity by leaving our second floor balcony door open one night. The thief come in and took a laptop and 2 cameras, one of which was in our bedroom. Yes, the loss was upsetting, but the thought of someone in our bedroom was really disturbing. My point is to warn others to be very careful with your possesions and lock all doors.

Will we return? Absolutely!! Next year we will look for a place more secure or a place with A/C so we can close up at night.

Other than that we had a fabulous time. All the usuals were wonderful and we had the new experience of cooking classes with Monica at Patio Mexica. I can't say enough about the classes and Monica herself. I learned so much and am anxious to try out my new skills here at home. Will definitely do that again next year.

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