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Escrito por Cindy in PDX desde ( el día miércoles, 25 de marzo, 2009 a las 00:19:24 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Installment #1.. Zih/Patz March 2009 escrito por Scott desde (?) el día martes, 24 de marzo, 2009 a las 23:38:34 horas :

Yep.. although we have driven all over Mexico since 1975 we quickly learned that driving 110 KM or a smidge above (the speed limit) wasn't ok on this road unless you passed.. all the time.. at any risk... And um..being on the shoulder wasn't an excuse for not passing the guy(s) in front of you. Nope, no fight here as we never set our butt in the middle of the road (and hell.. I NEVER pick a fight on Mexican highways). But our shoulder driving wasn't enough for the crowd on the road. We kept on the right shoulder as most were going in excess of 150 km and we passed the slower ones when they were going a mere 120-130 KM. But there were those times when you couldn't see and the bus behind you wanted you to pass two trucks ahead of you... curve be damned.. sight line? Who cares! Granted it WAS a Friday and everyone was in a hurry to get to their weekend. BUT..Our return was much more mellow. Saw the downhill off ramps and figured it had to do with the striping but wasn't sure if it was a general mandatory driving thing along with the trucks or optional. At any rate, we errored on the side of caution and stayed to the right, passing only when we had to slow to a glacial 125/KM.

Quite interesting though.. we had rented a Dodge Avenger (not MY choice).. dark blue.. same car as the Federales and State policia have. (or at least one of the groups drives it as I remember) Gerry had a baseball cap pulled low.. dark sunglasses and dark shirt. Im so short no one probably even noticed me..Daniel was in the back hidden by headrests...lots of vehicles WANTED us to pass and kept pulling over - even gesturing us to go by. Nightmare.


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