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buses from PV to Ixtapa/Zihua , how often, how long a trip, safety, luggage security . Any help would be appreciated.
Trying to do it this way since WestJet flies in PV. Thanks

Puerto Vallarta to Ixtapa is a long haul. Probably too much if you're coming down on a 1-week charter flight. If you have two weeks, you're probably best to enjoy the trip from PV to Ixtapa by stopping at a couple of places along the way. The trip down the coast is a bit gut-wrenching. It's ok in a private vehicle at your own pace, but there are too many curves that the bus ride wouldn't be very enjoyable if you had to do it all in one shot.

If you do want to do it in one shot, you could take a luxury bus from PV to Guadalajara to Morelia to Zihuatanejo, and you would avoid the gut-wrenching bus trip down the coast. The buses on the route through GDL would be very nice, with movies, nearly fully reclining seats, etc. Going down the coast they may not have luxury buses (with WiFi, etc).

Your luggage is safe on the luxury buses. They give you a ticket that you must keep to retrieve your bags. I've never heard of anyone having problems on first or second class buses either, though they are less strict about checking baggage tags.

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