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Escrito por KR desde ( el día jueves, 26 de marzo, 2009 a las 21:19:34 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Yo Jefe! escrito por Phil in Toronto desde ( el día jueves, 26 de marzo, 2009 a las 19:32:16 horas :

Well.... safe to say that Cely found "a smoking buddy" TOO.... in La Havana Vieja (and Pinar del Rio; and Trinidad; and.....)!

But, despite the ALWAYS friendly (and highly entertaining!) Cuban People in general; despite the lively sounds at EVERY welcome turn; despite the beautiful NATURAL scenery-n-places we were enchanted to have visited, and despite the genuinely fascinating and deeply ‘informative’ nature of the (post revolutionary) Cuban culture.... well.... we bailed after two short weeks, mate (!) and spent the next month cruising coastal MEXICO.... (to AT LEAST get something ‘substantial’ TO EAT!)!

Yeah, "The Passion is The Idea" is what everyone kept telling us in Cuba (as well as heralded by the pro-Che murals at every turn!). To which I was compelled to UNremittingly reply that for us in (post revolutionary) Mexico, The Passion is the.... uh..... FOOD!! (as well as the liberties inherent to a Capitalistic Economy, its resultant cash, AND a fricken Valid Passport!).

And while we indeed ‘had a blast’ on the island (and a “no regrets” THOROUGH cross-country trip!), after two weeks+ of black beans, rice and Pargo in ALL of the many private Casa Particulares we stayed in, and, the imported-everything “only other option” of rudely tourist AIs dotting the country.... well.... we B-Lined-It BACK home to MX where we can LEGALLY go fishing with local fishermen; where we’ve got shrimp the size of your fist (!); where we’ve got REAL bolillos, tortillas, chilies, salsa, móles, pozóles, menudos, adobos de res, barbacoa DE CHIVO, guisados, and luscious “street taco” OPTIONS (And LIMES!) at nearly every turn…… and nearly EVERYTHING at Half the fricken price (or LESS!!)!

Yeah, I’m glad that we ‘came, saw, and experienced’ Cuba, as we now have many fine memories, fotos, new friends, and (illegally exported!) post-revolutionary Artwork/paintings!

But getting back to DF (and to a FINE rare-grilled T-Bone @ La Mansion!!), and making it over to the cornucopia of culinary delight abounding the Sea of Cortez for a month (with equally refreshing stops in Cuernavaca and Taxco) was indeed a more fulfilling ‘rebound travel plan’..... this trip!

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