Zoe Kayak! / El Refugio de Potosi! A great day!

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Escrito por Abigail desde (dsl-189-179-138-191-dyn.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día lunes, 30 de marzo, 2009 a las 10:43:20 horas :

OK so we live here and started coming here in the mid 1980's so we get a little jaded every once in a while.

Yesterday we went out with Brian Roach of Zoe Kayak www.zoekayaktours.com and had one of those "great days" that reawakened us to the wonder of where we are. Brian shares his knowledge of the area, knows lots of great spots for birders and goes out of his way to make sure his customers are comfortable while still preserving a sense of adventure.

Brian takes you on the land as well as the lagoon. On the way to Barra de Potosi we stopped in to see El Refugio de Potosi http://elrefugiodepotosi.org/index.html. Laurel Patrick has been doing some wonderful work. The observation tower has been built as well as the iguana observation area. Just in development, the refuge is something that we will all want to keep an eye on and revisit.

Although I would recommend this for any vacation here in Zihua. I would say this is a must if you want more Mexico than just the beach but aren't here for a long enough time to take an inland trip.

Add a cruise, on the Picante where you can experience the open ocean and get an ocean view of Zihuatanejo and you have some great experiences to contrast with your laid back beach time.

These adventures will put you in touch with the diversity of this wonderful area.

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