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Escrito por jcj desde ( el día lunes, 30 de marzo, 2009 a las 12:32:54 horas :

Hey all

Just got back from "Z" early yesterday and wanted to write while everything is still fresh in my mind.

We had a WONDERFUL 5th trip to "Z". Absolutely fantastic!

We stayed at Hotel Irma and, as usual, it was warm, welcoming, well kept, and the view was to die for. We noticed some nice upgrades from 2 years ago at Irma...some new lighting, nice landscaping, etc...

We spent our first day at Las Gatos, then spent a day at Barra de Potosi. So quiet and peaceful. Loved the "chicken truck" and bus experience! Spent another day at Island Ixtapa and then two days (and an overnight) in Troncones.

We have a relationship with the schools there as we are both educators. My husband's high school students did a community service project and raised funds to pay tuition costs for high school and post high school for 5 students. We were able to have dinner with these 5 amazing young people and their families in Troncones, which was a true highlight. We also spent parts of two days at the school, meeting the kids again and helping with some english classes. We were invited to stay at one of the volunteer teacher's homes ( a retired principal from California who lives in Troncones full time now). It was amazing! A very beautiful casa right on the beach.

We returned to Irma and spent the next few days enjoying LaRopa, Madera and Las Gatos some more. We spent alot more time near the Mercado (open air market downtown) this time. All of our meals were outstanding but I think my favorite was a breakfast we had there, downtown, in the middle of the Mercado. A huge feast including eggs, tortillas, fresh fruit, coffee etc....for the outragious cost of $30 Pesos each. (That's a little over $2 US). In terms of money, we used only pesos and noticed a huge difference in costs as compared to two eyars ago. Much lower for everything due to the peso exchange. We spend probably 30% less that we typically do for a week. Even our nicer meals (e.g. Puerto del Sol) came out very inexpensive.

Since the safety issue comes up here time and again, I just wanted to comment on that. We noticed NO differences in safety while we were there. None whatsoever. The area also looks much better...less trash, more flowers, new coats of paint....just beautiful! We did not feel a need to alter our "ways" at all. The only thing I asked of my husband was that he not take his long early morning jog way back into the city. Wasn't comfortable with him being alone several miles in.

Even though we felt comfortable and safe the whole time, some of the locals did make comments about changes in the outskirts and about recent violence in the area.(We never was volunteered) It is clear that the people who brought it up to us were concerned about it and that it felt different to them. we plan our next trip to Z and Troncones. Likely not until 2011 {{{{sigh}}} as we promised our kids that we would do the Disney thing next year {{{another sigh}}}. So...until 2011, I will be another lurker on the board, living vicariously though those of you who get to spend weeks at a time in our favorie place on earth.

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