Semana Santa - The early years in Zihuatanejo

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Escrito por Cri Cri desde (?) el día lunes, 06 de abril, 2009 a las 13:21:57 horas :

Semana Santa used to be my favorite time to be in Zihuatanejo. I used to arrive in Z. the week of the New Year, and stay till after Semana Santa.

I was art director for a small publishing co. in northern Minnesota. I would have the usual 2-3 week vacations. I wanted to spend more time in Mexico, so I applied for position with a college teaching Art. Then I would be able to spend the summer breaks in Zihuatanejo. To my surprise, I got the job. A week or so later I was asked to attend a meeting with the Publisher. I had given my letter of resignation. We discussed my change-of-job. (he was on the State Arts Board) I was told that if I would stay on with the company, they would take on another artist, and I could take off the extra time.

Never did I realize that this decision would change my whole life, and my love for Zihuatanejo.

At this time, the Playa Principal was always crowded during Easter week. I enjoyed lying in a hammock at the Avila, and watching the passing parade. There were no small restaurants on the sidewalk in front of the Avila.

Most of the Easter visitors were Mexican. They would come to town (whole families) riding in back of open trucks.

Cri Cri

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