Monument to Corruption

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día lunes, 06 de abril, 2009 a las 13:42:59 horas :

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We're waiting to see if it walks on water. Lots of locals would like to help it along on its way to the infinite depths of the Pacific because to us the statue represents a monument to corruption and ineptitude by the previous mayor and his administration.

Similar to the USA there is supposed to exist a division of church and state in Mexico. So when the previous mayor, Silvano Blanco Deaquino, announced this municipal project copying a similar yet more genuine attraction that lies on the bottom of la Bahía de Santa Lucía in Acapulco, the local taxpayers were rightly quite upset over the matter, especially because the public was never consulted. Frankly we were shocked that this could happen. We became angry by the time we learned that our taxes had been used to pay for the mayor to take a trip to the Vatican with family members and "associates" with a smaller version of the statue allegedly "to get it blessed by the Pope."

The statue was paraded around several Mexican cities and churches, allegedly to attract religious tourists, until the day that "important" politicians and public servants such as the Governor and the Secretary of Tourism arrived for its "inauguration" before it was rather shoddily immersed in the bay in a different location than originally planned due to unfavorable water conditions, lack of proper equipment, and poor planning. Its location offers poor underwater visibility due to normal wave action in the area. Then, when someone tried to actually get a concession for a glass-bottom boat, well it was of course denied. The city had someone else in mind that they wanted to give the concession to. Can you say "kickback"? Eventually two rather decrepit glass-bottom boats were procured at inflated prices from a supplier in Acapulco "with the help of the municipal government" to be used by one of the local co-ops. They took all the VIPs out for the original submersion, and I haven't seen or heard of the boats being used since (though I don't spend all day watching the bay either). That was last year.

Because Zihuatanejo is a place that is supposed to be popular for its natural beauty, I believe that such phony and contrived attractions are completely out of place here. Neighbors and friends I have spoken with agree.

And we also agree that the money squandered by the mayor and his cronies on this project could certainly have been put to better use. The entire project seems to have been an excuse for the mayor and his pals to get a free trip to Rome. If there has been any economic benefit to the city we sure would like to know about it because it hasn't been apparent so far.

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