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Aaaaah, Wonderful story Gene....!!

And while the years have certainly passed, your lovely description of Z Pasqua festivities very much mirrors our traditions here in current day San Miguel de Allende. Semana Santa is truly a special time of year in SMA, as nearly the entire pueblo is “draped” in radiant yellow and purple. All public fountains are equally and carefully adorned to Easter Splendor, while “little by little” the normally closed street-side private home doors are slowly opened-up to display beautiful altar pieces in Full Bloom!

Starting on Viernes de Dolores (our Lady of Sorrows), various forms of musical events sound-off intermittently throughout the day and night for the entire week, as (always extravagant!) fireworks flair-off from our MANY pueblo churches. The View from our terraza on the hill is really spectacular….. nearly lighting up the whole valley!!

Numerous processions fill our streets on various days, culminating with the BIG ‘Christ Arisen’ procession on Easter Sunday. Good Friday is one of my favs, “Via Crucis”, where Los Feligreses….. The Flagellants….. make their (rather bloody!!) way from nearby Atontonilco (12 miles away) to arrive at our central Parroquia after hours of walking the route…… with whips still actively in hand!

Holy Saturday hosts a truly beautiful event, as probably 25% of our town’s people launch a candlelight evening procession upholding La Virgen de la Soledad, which weaves its way around and circles the entire pueblo, before returning to the Parroquia.

Indeed a lovely time of year. Thus, Happy Easter to You and ALL.....

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