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Thanks for all the MEMORIES. Zihuatanejo was so small, back then, but the happiness of the Mexican people was so enthusiastic, you could not help but join in...........and smile.

I met so many natives from Mexico City etc. One large family group from Mexico City came every Easter. They were immigrants from Italy. The father was known as the "Mushroom Man." He was the largest producer of mushrooms in Mexico. They rented a couple of houses next to the Avila. One of the Americans,staying at the Avila every year was "Pagano," He was a New York, Italian, retired longshoreman. They spoke the language of Italy all the time.


I am sure Lupita would remember the family, I always looked forward to meeting the "Mushroom Man, "and his family, every Easter. We became good friends.

Cri Cri

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