Cooking with Monica

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Escrito por JonLI desde ( el día miércoles, 15 de abril, 2009 a las 09:21:25 horas :

I want to let everyone know what a nice time I had taking a 'vegetarian'{of which I am not one} cooking class with Monica at Rufo's,during our stay.It was her last class before the holidays,and I was alittle apprehensive about it being a vegetarian class. But,I like just about everything,so when we were making Chile Rellenos,and cactus,B-B-Q'd,and in a picante sauce,and the equillivant of eggplant parmigian with cactus ! I was happy then.But to my utter surprise,I was transported back 40 years at least,when I saw a big platter of Zuccinni flowers ! My mother used to pick the flowers,put then in a batter and fry them.Monics had us 'look for the prize'that might be in some flowers,then fill them with'queso fresca'& then b-b-q them lightly.That was my job,which I thoroughly enjoyed.{forgot the name for the BBQ man}.The food was great,we had a feast when we were done cooking,and Monica & the staff were a pure joy. I will be back. Thanks.

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