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6th Annual Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival

Well, our 6th annual festival is now done and over. We were able to gift our beneficiary, La Casa de la Cultura with $25,000.00 Pesos. Yes, it was down from last year, as was attendance a bit, but considering the global climate at the moment, I think we did pretty darn well.

There were a few changes in the festival this year and one of those changes was where we held the opening concert. It was still in Ixtapa, but instead of being at our previous venue – it was held at the Gian Frank Center in Ixtapa, behind Frank’s Restaurant. It was a huge improvement – Frank really had it together – and it was one of the best opening concerts we have ever had. Service was great, food was great and no matter where you sat, acoustics and visuals were all good. Thanks Frank for all the effort you put out – greatly appreciated. By the way, Frank will be part of the Guitar Festival Committee next year.

And now, what everyone has been waiting to hear…….the dates for next year’s festival. The festival will be held March 14 – 21, 2010. Opening concert will again be at Frank’s (Gian Frank Center in Plaza Ixpamar) so hope we will see you there. Mark your calendars now so you won’t forget!!

We had some amazing artists at the festival this year and many thanks to all of them for the awesome show they put on. We were privileged as well to hear some incredible jam sessions throughout the week.

We held 3 fundraisers prior to the festival in Zihuatanejo. In December, we had “The Taste of Zihua”, which included 9 different restaurants. People did a “food crawl” to each place and were able to sample some of each restaurants tasting’s. It was a huge success. Thanks to Garrobo’s, Caprichos, Sunset Sports Bar and Grill and Puerto di Mare. Also, La Sirena Gorda, Coconuts, El Sanka Grill, Paccolo and The Captain's Daughter for their participation.

In January, we had a wine and cheese tasting at Caprichos, which was hosted by Veronica and Matthew of Vino Teca. Many thanks to them for their generosity and, for helping us out over the past couple of years.

Finally in February we had “Goofy Golf” and “Coconut Bowling” at Sunset Sports Bar and Grill. Winners received 2 nights at Inn at Manzanillo Bay and other winners received a lobster dinner for 2.

As always, the biggest thanks go to all of you who have helped support us throughout the years - merchants, local people, and many friends. Thank you – thank you.

Don’t forget – March 14-21, 2010 is the next festival – hope we see you there!!!

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