the Restaurant across the water

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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día jueves, 21 de septiembre, 2006 a las 15:27:30 horas :

En respuesta a: What does Laura do to relax? escrito por Rico in PDX desde ( el día lunes, 18 de septiembre, 2006 a las 22:39:18 horas :

Just to mention that lovely rustic scene in the background is a new restaurant in La Barra located across the lagoon. When the lagoon is 'open' (meaning water connecting to the ocean), you can either swim or take a short ride in a little boat to get there. They have no electricity so there is a peacefulness that supercedes all stress as it melts away. The food is good. They are careful about keeping things iced and using purified water.

Good adventure to check it out! Behind it is the path for hiking or on horseback to the top of the hill of Guamilule or to the Turtle Sanctuary beach on the other side.

Have fun!
hasta pronto,

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