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Escrito por LadyMzih desde ( el día lunes, 25 de septiembre, 2006 a las 01:04:21 horas :

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Just returned from a week in Acapulco and took the bus down last Sunday. Took almost 4 hours. Great ride. No problems.

My Mexican family drove my car down Tuesday and we had the car while we were there. Normally do not have my car there as it is easy to get around on the bus. This time we did the car just because there were 6 of us. Three kids. The place we stayed is out of town somewhat so the car was nice.

Returned today and took us almost 4 hours driving. We also stopped three times. One stop for one kid to throw up, one stop for the bathroom, and one stop for lunch. Not exactly in that order. Must add an hour and a half for all our stops. So it was 5 and 1/2 hours. When you go on the bus you eliminate all that stuff.

I am going to do the same trip in April and I will probably take the bus again and they will probably come down in the car again.

Either way you will enjoy your trip.

We stayed at the Mayan Palace Resort and enjoyed it a lot. Of course you must realize I was seeing everything through the eyes of a 5 and 10 year old. The resort had lots of things for kids and the view of the ocean was spectacular. We did the water park for the kids several days and swam the entire length of the pool more than one time. One of the largest pools in the world. The two larger are both at Mayan Resorts. There was horseback riding available on the beach as well as other activities which were not promoted by the hotel. Lifeguards were on duty at the ocean front as well as the pools from 10 to 6. We even video taped one person being rescued out of the ocean. The waves were way too rough for me and lots of people were out in the water. Swimming and surfing was being tried by lots of vacationing Mexicans. The rescued man was lucky to have had a lifeguard who was really doing his job or he would not be having another vacation at any resort. Enjoyed the 2 for 1 drinks in the afternoon and went into downtown for most evening meals as we like a variety of different things.

Monday night before my family arrived I ate at Linda Vista which is a nice restaurant overlooking the hotels in downtown. A couple I had met in Alaska in June had invited me out for dinner. They had not been able to find a hotel in Anchorage while they were there on vacation and so I invited them to spend the night at our house. Both had grown up in Acapulco but had lived at one time for a couple of years in Zihua so that is how we became connected. Temo was a little sceptical at spending the night with someone he had never met but Mercedez and I hit it off right away so she convinced him I was one of the good guys. At the restaurant we had a beautiful view, best table in the house, as well as an exciting light show. Thunder and lightening just before the big rain. The rain lasted for about 45 minutes and we could see it moving across the bay from one hotel to another. The water flowed in the streets going over the mountain back to the resort like you were driving a river.

I liked the restaurant enough that we returned there for my friends Temo and Mercedez to meet Julio, Osiria and the kids. We were celebrating Julian's 5th birthday and the staff at the restaurant came out singing Happy Birthday and with a cake. Julian was looking all around for who the song was for as he had no idea they were coming to him with the cake. His face was so antimated when they stopped in front of him with the cake. Big eyes and a funny expression on his face. And when they sang mardido, mardido, mardida after the song he pushed his face right in and took a big bite of the cake. Usually someone pushes your face into it, but Julian was all on his own. Then after his big thing Valeria, his 10 year old sister, got her own surprise. Right next door to this open air restaurant was an open air bar with black and white furniture and even a big bed with a flowing canopy over head. We watched while cameras and lights were set up but did not know what was going on. Then Valeria let us all in on the happening. She could tell because she watches this Mexican soap opera on each night. She could see these young girls that she recognized from TV. Here she was watching the filming of her favorite show. She said she had always dreamed of having her picture made with all the famousas. Hard to beat good food and making dreams come true all at the same place.

During our week we also went into the grand Plaza and played all the little games kids like in the arcade there, saw the cliff divers dive up close and personal, and ate at some really good taco places as well as one time at MacDonalds so the kids could try that for once. Julian was the only one who liked it there. He thinks nuggets are the only way to go. The rest of us figured we ate but that was about it.

I hated being away from Zihua for a week but taking a vacation with Julio and his family has been the highlight of this trip for me. Being involved with them makes my day.

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