Trip Report - Melia Azul Hotel Presidente

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Trip Report - Melia Azul – Hotel Presidente

My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon. We stayed that the Melia Azul 9/18 to 9/23. The hotel was beautiful! We stayed on the 8th floor of the 3rd tower. We were able to see the stage where they did the shows from our balcony.

On Monday we really didn’t do much because of the time we arrived and we were tired from the weekend and the trip. We did order some drinks and food from room service and it arrived in a timely manner and was very tasty.

On Tuesday we had breakfast and then went on the Combination Tour. Breakfast choices were an omelet that they made in front of you, either green or red Chilis Quilles, beans, rice, pancakes, fruit, yogurt, hash browns, ham, sausage. The omelets and Chilis Quilles are the best!!! We learned that people eat later than normal so a big breakfast was essential. We drove through Ixtapa, Z-town, to Petatlan. The tour guide took us to the church where they believe miracles happen. I need to do more research on this to get the details right, but it was awesome. We were supposed to go to a brick factory and help make a brick or 2, but it was a little rainy and they weren’t working that day. He then took us to a restaurant called Pollocoa (barbeque chicken) it was a hotel/restaurant with a pool. The food was awesome…we even got to make our own corn tortillas. Lunch was served about 2:30 or so…That night we went back to the hotel and hung out at the pool till it closed at 8. We were still kinda tired so we watched the show from our balcony and then went to bed.

On Wednesday we caught the bus to downtown Ixtapa. First we had breakfast…see menu choices on Tuesday… was the exact same thing at a different restaurant. The bus picked us up just outside the resort on the main road. Be sure that you flag them down or they won’t stop. I think it cost the 2 of us about $2 one way….but I don’t remember. We walked around a little bit, because this is the SLOW time of the year some of the shops didn’t open till 11, even though they advertised 9. We got bored shopping and caught the bus back to Playa Linda. The buses say Ixtapa/Z-town/Playa Linda….this is the only way we knew we were on the right bus. The bus stopped across the street from our hotel…so it worked out perfectly. The buses are nice, but that was the last time we took a bus….we felt better in the Taxi. The bus driver didn’t seem to stop unless he was told to stop and we didn’t know where we were going. When we got back to the resort we had lunch. The food was excellent, rice, beans, guacamole, baked chicken, ribs, deserts….not sure what else, but it was a good mix of stuff. For dinner we were going to go to Ixtapa and find a cool restaurant, but the taxi driver took us to El Faro restaurant at the Pacifica hotel in Ixtapa. I think it cost about $9 one way. This place had excellent food! The restaurant is built so that all the tables have a view of the bay. It was a little pricey for food but well worth it. My wife and I had the same meal. 4 courses, with the main course being Lobster, stuffed chicken, grilled shrimp, with rice. Desert was Strawberries Flambé, that were excellent. With a bottle of $30 wine the total bill was about $180. I think the meal alone was bout $65. Well worth your time!! After dinner we went back to the resort and watched the nightly show from our hotel room. There is a different show every night that starts at 9:30 and ends about 10:15 or so.

On Thursday we took a Taxi to Z-town. First we had a big breakfast…..the menu? Same as Tuesday morning…..I can’t remember the cost of the Taxi, but I think it was no more than $20, and the taxi agreed to come back in a couple of hours and pick us up so that we could get back to our hotel. We learned later that the biggest part of tourism is in Ixtapa not Z-town. So many people work in Ixtapa and live in Z-town. The taxi driver thought he would do better if he stayed with us than having to drive back to Ixtapa empty. We did a little shopping, sat at a local restaurant for a quick drink, then back to the resort. We then went on the Dancer Sunset Cruise. This is the booze cruise. This big bus picked up about 25 or 30 of us and took us to the marina in Z-Town. We then got on the Panga’s and they took us to the boat. The food was terrible…so eat before you go….they did a great job entertaining and keeping everyone going and the alcohol flowed like water. The bus ride back was great! We walked over a little bridge, down an alley, to the street….to the bus. Then the bus driver backed the bus all the way down the street…yup…backwards. There were cars and trees and building lining the street…but he did it. It was amazing. That night we wanted to watch the show from the theater, but they moved it to the lobby because of some convention that was in the hotel or something.

On Friday we took a tour to Las Gatas Beach. We took a panga from the same marina we were at the day before over to Las Gatas. We went to a restaurant and hung out there. The restaurant had plenty of shade and chairs for everyone in the tour to sit on the beach and drink whatever kind of drink you wanted. We rode the banana boat and did some Kayaking…..both were cheap and very fun. The food was awesome. I wish I remembered the name of the restaurant, but it was at the far end of the beach from where the “dock” is. On that side of the beach the sand was very rocky and actually hurt to walk in it. The part closer to the “dock” was much nicer and softer sand. Lunch was awesome. We ordered grilled shrimp. They buterflied it. They literally took a knife and cut the shrimp from its nose to the tail. We had to peel off the heads and the eyes… eat the body. It was so darn good. That night we went back, took a shower and got dressed up for dinner. We had made reservations for the Costa Azul restaurant. We were expecting awesome food….it was good to ok. I had lasagna….it was ok…my wife had chicken alfredo….she thought it was good. The Caesar salad was good, the French onion soup was good, presentation was different, but still good. Desert was chocolate cake that was definitely store bought……

Saturday we got up, ate breakfast….see Tuesday for the menu….went to the airport to find out that due to weather and crew flight time restrictions our flight was canceled. They put us up at the Hotel Prsidente. Another all inclusive resort. Our room was on the ground floor, smelled strange, and was kind of small. We did not like the room at all. They were also having a Mexican fiesta in the court yard that didn’t end till 1:30am…we had to get up at 5:30am to be at the airport in time to catch our flight back. I would not stay at the Hotel Presidente.

As you can probably read the Melia Azul was a great place, but the food was a big disappointment. It was the same thing every day. Another thing to remember is that breakfast is served from 7am to 11 am. Lunch is from 1pm to 6 pm, and dinner is from 7pm to 11pm. We ended up just eating 2 meals a day because we were having to eat so late. The pools close about 8pm, but the bar at the pool closes at 6 or 7. That was a huge complaint we had. The pizzeria is from 1pm to 6pm. You can’t take food back to your room either. The people were very nice at the hotel! My wife is fluent in Spanish so we didn’t worry about finding an English speaking person.

I would definitely go back to the Melia Azul, but for less days this time. I would not take someone that has even the remotest problem walking because the shortest way to our room from the pool/eating areas was a hill from hell….but we thought that we were working off our food…so it all worked out in the end. Even if we had gone into the hotel lobby and then walked to our room to avoid the hill it was still a good distance….and not in air-conditioning. There are rooms that are not off the hill from hell, but it wouldn’t matter…..still lots of walking for the hotel.

We also got massages for $30 right next to the resort. When you walk on to the beach make a right and you will see a little area that is only big enough for 3 tables and the husband and wife that are doing the massages. We couldn’t hear the music or the people because the waves were all we could hear. It was great!!!! They are not part of the hotel so be sure to bring enough pesos.

Ixtapa/Z-town is a wonderful place and I recommend everyone go there at least twice!

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