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Escrito por Darryl desde ( el día viernes, 29 de septiembre, 2006 a las 23:37:29 horas :

My wife and I are experiencing our first trip to Zihuatanejo this week and next. We arrived on Wednesday evening and are staying in a rented condo unit at La Casa Que Ve El Mar which is up the hill and across the street from Villa Mexicana and Paty's Mar y Mar on La Ropa Beach.

We are having a good time and discovering our way around using a combination of the city bus (50 cents US) and taxis ($3.00 US). We have gone to Paty's twice and I liked the red snapper I had. The guacamole was prepared with too much "hot" for us and so we ordered it without chiles the second time around. Best seat in the house for an evening sunset on the beach!. We had lunch at Tamales y Any today and didn't really care for the enjiladas in mole sauce or the pork tacos we ordered. We were not impressed with their guacamole either. I was looking forward to their food after hearing a lot of positives on this board. We did find a place called Cenaduria Antelia that was recommended by someone on this board. To quote John Davis' posting of Jan. 11, 2006: "Ate there the last night and if I'd known about it I would have eaten there every day. Simple Mexican fare, no "Mexican" decor, just Mexican families and people(and some smart Gringos). One block in from Benito Juarez and Pedro Ascensio." We concur. Best meal we have had here, and by far, the least expensive. We shared 2 tamales, frijoles, rolled tacos, and an enjilada. The total bill was a hair less than 6 US Dollars! And, did I say it was the best meal so far!!! We may choose not to go anywhere else the remaining eight days we are here.

It has been very humid (unil this afternoon) and of course, hot. We live in the Seattle, Washington area and only rarely experience high humidity and heat. It is nothing that 2 or 3 showers and some swim time won't cure, however.

We found the Commercial Mexicana store right off. We were able to get our Bran Flakes, water bottles, my wife's diet coke supply, milk in box containers like Trader Joe's at home sells its soy milk, and other miscellaneous things.. . I have particular sugar free dietary needs so brought most of what I need. We also found the Mercado and were enthusiastic patrons buying an assortment of produce. We love doing Farmers Markets at home. Ours at home however, does not feature whole, with the head on whole, chickens!

We got to see the local fisherman selling their catches this morning and got some enlightening pictures of the experience. We also found the local archaelogical museum to be interesting. and the approximate 2 US$ entrance fee to be worth our brief visit and banos pit stop.

We are enjoying our R and R and look forward to our remaining time here. We are learning a bit of Spanish. Cuanto questa (How much is it?) seems to be the one phrase I use most often.

Thank you to all of you for your contributions to this board. Your candid information has been useful for us in making our time here more enjoyable and less anxious.

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