Last few days in Zihua-&-LAX connection

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Escrito por LadyMzih desde ( el día viernes, 06 de octubre, 2006 a las 11:20:03 horas :

Spent the last few days I was in Zihuatanejo doing family things and getting the house closed up for 4 months.

Julian's birthday was Oct. 1st and we had big plans. Being 5 years old certainly calls for them. Unfortunately big plans do not always work out. Julian had gone to bed the night before with a high fever and they decided he should not go to school when he got up. After breakfast he was feeling a little better so he and I headed down to the pier to see the action on the first day of cruise ships. There had been a big push to get all the streets and the pier powerwashed and everything was in shape. The ship had not come all the way into the bay and at first glance it looked like it was moving forward. When all the people were disembarking the ship stayed in the mouth of the bay and never came all the way inside. Do not know if this is going to be a normal practice or not.

There were native dancers and musicians mixed in with the people there with all the different excersions. We stopped to watch a dancer who was painted with black and white makeup who was doing a fire dance. Julian and I had seen him before but he is good enough that we watched again. After walking to the end of the pier and back, having some juice, and watching the dancers Julian told me he did not feel good again so we headed home. He spent most of the rest of the day upstairs in my bed, taking medicine for fever. He was sick enough he did not even want to play. Watching tv and sleeping through the middle of the day he woke up feeling a little better. We had planned a big dinner but instead we had a little something at home and changed the big dinner for Monday night. Of course when it is your birthday and you are 5 you have to have presents even if you are sick. He was all excited with the new soccer shoes and shin guards that he got along with a superman cape and some little cars. His favorite thing was his little race track with two cars that run on batteries. He watched and helped a little while we put it together. Then he was happy to just watch his cars go round the track sick or not.

Monday I started the day with a breakfast at Banana's. They make a mean plate of French toast with a little fruit and that is what I had decided on. Following that I had errands to run and over to Lupita's for a haircut. I have this girl who gives me the perfect haircut and had made an appointment with her for before I left. Got my hair cut and back to the market for some fresh vegetables. I had invited Julio and his family as well as a friend of his and his two children over for Julian's birthday dinner. We were having a mixed salad, chicken stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, egg plant parmesian and pasta with sause covering most of the meal. For dessert we were having their first ever banana pudding and some chocolate birthday cake that we had not eaten since Julian had not felt well.

The kids from both families had not met each other and it was good to see how fast that kids decide they are good together. They all were happy to play before we ate. During the meal we laughed and talked of the differences in the eating habits of the kids. When kids do not know what something is it is always a challange to see if they will eat it or not. Egg plant is not something they have every day but they all tried it and some ate more than others. When it came to the banana pudding they were all a little sceptical as but the pudding won out and was a big hit.

Cleaning up from a 9 person meal took me a little longer than planned so I only had time to head to El Mediteranneo for a margarita. My husband usually calls on Monday nights and did not want to miss the call.

Tuesday after breakfast was a hurry up and so laundry day so I would be ready to pick Julian up from school and go to the beach. He has that "Let's go to the beach" phrase down pat. He had seen me early before school and gave me his big pitch. If he was well enough to go to school he thought we should go to Playa Larga. He gets out of school at 1:00 and I was there ready with all the stuff. We went to Playa Larga and Oleaje restaurant for a good swim and lunch. We did not do the horseback riding thing this time. He just called to his favorite horse out the window as we drove by.

We got home from the beach about 5. Julian still had to do his homework and we were planning to go out to Mi Chayito for the last night I was to be in Zihua. While he was doing his thing, I went to the pier to Lilly's to see what was happening there. I wanted to tell Lilly I was leaving and to bid farewell to some of the fishermen who were playing cards out front.

Got home in time to help with some English homework before getting dressed for dinner. I dropped by El Mediteranneo again for a Margarita waiting for all the kids to be ready to go to dinner. Since Mi Chayito has Mexican and Chinese food we had Tacos, mixed pork, chicked, and shrimp choy mein, chicken teriake, and chicken with brocoli. Really good and we were all happy with our choices.

Wednesday after putting all the furniture away before me leaving I went for breakfast and got back home in time to go with Julio to Las Gatas. One more massage on the beach with Sandra or Rosa, and another Red Snapper for lunch at Otillia's on the beach are always high on my list before heading to the airport. The massage was great as usual and the lunch was one of the best I had while I was in Zihua.

The plane left at 5 so I wanted to get to the airport and try to change my ticket. All the family went with me to the airport and Julian cried in his little voice "Porfa Madrina no sa vaya". Then he and I would laugh and cry and hug and then he would do it again. It is hard to leave little ones behind.

I had almost a 7 hour layover in Seattle and that I would rather have changed. No go. But they did let me know what time the flight left LA in case I could make the short conection. Now below I will try and put in all the details on the fastest LAX plane change in history.

My Alaska Airlines flight from Zihua arrived at LAX at 7:00. I made it through immigrations, picked up my bags, cleared customs, rechecked my bags, went outside to the next terminal, checked into security, cleared security, and went to the gate 36B my flight should leave from. From there they told me the to go to gate 31B for the earlier flight that had not left yet. I went to that gate and the girl told me I could not get on the flight because my luggage had to be on the same flight as me. Not accepting that myth I went to the customer service desk two desks over and asked to be on that earlier flight and the earlier one in Seattle. They called down to the baggage area, got my luggage on board and my boarging passeses changed. I went back to gate 31B, boarded the flight and called my husband in Alaska to let him know I was on the flight. It was at that time 7:36. I made that flight and when I got to Seattle I only had 20 minutes to make the connection to Anchorage. Made that one with about three minutes to spare and arrived in Anchorage at 12:45 AM instead of waiting until 8:45 in the morning. My luggage had failed to make the connection in Seattle but they delivered it to me avout 10:30 Thursday morning. For all the people who complain about Alaska Airlines and the LAX connections I just wanted you to know anything is possible.

Now here I am in Alaska and the past 5 weeks unfortunately seem like a blur and almost like they never happened at all. Now I am back to counting the days until my next trip to Zihuatanejo. 117 and counting.

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