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Escrito por vic druten desde ( el día domingo, 08 de octubre, 2006 a las 19:02:55 horas :

Bob...your message board got us into your area last March. Stayed at Las Brisas...really nice for two retired teachers from Kansas. We spent the afternoons/evenings of our days in gusta Z.....FABULOUS.
We are thinking about going all out with our savings...and doing the House that Sings bit.
Do you know anything about the TERRACE rooms at his Once-in-a-Lifetime vaction set up????
Think we can swing ( once anyway) the $400 a night (March-7nights)...and eat Breakfast/lunch there...then swing into Z for our late afternoon/evening "stuff"
It looks out of the world, but we always wanted to do it up NICE at least once before we get...uh..tooo old.
IF not this "unbeliveable" set up...what is your 2nd,3rd choice in Z???? thanks, Vic in Shawnee, Kansas

LOVE your message board...very informative!!!!!!!

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