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Escrito por Eugene in SF desde (adsl-71-141-131-67.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) el día martes, 10 de octubre, 2006 a las 16:58:28 horas :

I have been up to Cinco Sentidos a few times visiting friends that were staying there.

Last year all of the rooms were finished except for the Grand Suite on the top floor. From the looks of it, this room will be quite spectacular. It will include a kitchen and much larger private pool.

The other suites are quite large and comfortable. They are decorated very nicely and the private patios all have beautiful views of the entire bay.
The plunge pools are small but adequate for cooling down during the day.
Each room also had a small refrigerator.

There is no common area for guests to converse or lounge, but from what I am told a swimming pool and patio are in the future plans.

Araceli (the owner) is currently the Manager at Intrawest and was also the Manager of Hotel Villa del Sol for many years. She has developed a beautiful property with the insight of what comforts her guests will need while being away from home.

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