George Irby from 1969

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Escrito por Larry L. White desde ( el día lunes, 16 de octubre, 2006 a las 17:17:52 horas :

I had a dear friend, Architect buddy of mine, who passed away in the early 70's. He spent several weeks in Z every year during the 60's and early 70's, always around Thankgiving time. He found Z before anyone else I knew. He was from Little Rock, Arkansas and Houston, Tx. He bought into a small restaurant, which I do not remember the name, and absolutely loved the place. He showed me pictures of "El Jorge" banners when he would come to town. Does anyone remember George? I am coming to Z in one week, and would like to meet some of his old friends. I remember he said he had bunches of them. I promised George that I would do this, and I am finally coming. I would appreciate any information of long ago past you can offer.

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