Carlos V = Karel V

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Carlos (Karel) V was a Dutch king married to a Spanish princess, and he decided to live there while still ruling Holland. Karel became very catholic because of her influence. In Holland Lutherism was coming up, to the dislike of Karel, and he ordered people to visit Catholic churches every Sunday again. Not to the liking of the Dutch, who then started to destroy a lot of the Catholic statues in the churches (Beeldenstorm = Statue Storm; this also makes Dessert Storm an old word :-) ).
It started an 80 year war between Spain and Holland. From the Spanish part this war was mainly financed from the the gold and silver they took away from the Americas, including Mexico.

After that war Holland became a republic, with Prince Willem (I) van Oranje (Orange, as you may know from the colors of the Dutch football team) as the first leader.
After Napoleon, and the separation from Belgium, Holland became a kingdom again, up today still lead by descendants from the Oranje family.

* some details may be wrong, but the main outline is OK.

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