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Lilly is definitely Paulie's wife. He was a marine stationed there in Zihuatanejo and sort of love sick for a long time looking across the walkway at the really cute Lilly. Lilly's family were the owners of the whole corner there for many years. Lilly's father died about 6 years ago. Lilly's father,Santiago, and my Father were compadres and were friends since the mid 60's when my parents went to Zihua for the first time. Paulie's family is from Acapulco. His father comes there some but his Mother died several years ago.

The woman in the kitchen is Lilly's Mother, Maria. The older white haired woman who is there sometimes is Lilly's Grandmother. Alejendra is their daughter, Christopher Jonaton is the oldest boy. Juan Pablo is the cute one with the long eyelashes and Miguel Angel is the little one.

Almost 30 years ago Lilly's Mother and Father went from Zihua to Arkansas with my Mother and Father and stayed there with them for several weeks. It was the first time either one of them had ever been out of Mexico. When I saw Maria there it was spitting snow one morning and she and Santiago went out and stood in the yard looking up at the snow. She told him after just a few seconds that if they did not go inside they might be popsicles.

Another funny story for you. When Jonaton was born they filled out all the papers and went to church to see the priest before the baptism. When they gave him the papers he looked at the Christopher Johnathon and said his name was too long. He took a pen and crossed off both of the h's in Johnathon. So his legal name is Jonaton. Just before Juan Pablo was born Paulie told me he had it all figured out for the priest to not change anything. He would just name him the same as the Pope. That is where his name came from and then he figured Michael Angelo was one he would not change either.

The next time you are at Lilly's ask her to show you my Mothers book. Mother wrote the book "After The Kids Have Gone". Lots of stories in the book about Lilly's family and the changes in Zihua since the mid-60s.

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