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Escrito por Ashley desde ( el día lunes, 06 de noviembre, 2006 a las 23:09:09 horas :

En respuesta a: Villa El Morro escrito por cjr desde ( el día lunes, 06 de noviembre, 2006 a las 17:41:24 horas :

I stayed there last year over christmas. We stayed in a spectacular suite. Loved the place! I'm not sure if it's for everyone, but if you're the right type of person for the place, you'll be in heaven!

What I mean by that is, it's definitely NOT a "resort-type" feeling, it's more of a "private villa-type" feeling. This is a good thing in my get privacy, tranquility and you feel like you somehow stumbled upon your own villa perched above town. However, if you expect a restaurant or bar in the manner of a resort, you will be let down. Instead there is a wonderful, homecooked breakfast available for food, and if you want a drink, the caretaker will unlock the fridge and get you a canned Tecate. :)

Also, you will probably find a lot of debate over the legendary stairs up to El Morro. They're really not that bad! We walked up them in the heat of the day, and the middle of the night. And if you're really lazy, you can get a taxi ride back up for fairly cheap. The only problem is, if you are going into town, or to La Ropa, you should pack for the day, because you don't want to make the trip more than is necessary. We usually left early in the morning, came back for a siesta in the evening, and then went back out for dinner and drinks.

Another thing to consider is that we didnt see very many Americans while we were there. Again, we took this as a good thing! But it also means, if you don't speak at least some Spanish, you may struggle a bit. I had to translate for one poor woman who was exasperatedly pleading with the caretaker to get her a cab, while he smiled and told her to turn around (cab sitting right behind her!).

Finally...the rooms...while I've never stayed anywhere else in Zihua (this year, the Catalina), I think the rooms were wonderful, especially for the price. I think the nice thing about Villas El Morro is that you pay less, get more, because it's not right on the beach. My favorite thing about the rooms was the floor to ceiling windows in the living room, and especially bedroom. The view was incredible!!

Basically, I would highly recommend Villas El Morro. Eduardo (the owner) was wonderful, Ani (the caretaker) was so friendly and considerate, and Esperanza (our maid) made us feel like we were royalty. This year we're staying at the Catalina, just for a different experience, and to try staying on the beach, but I think we'll end up back at Villas El Morro eventually, if just for the view and the serenity!

....p.s. check out the link below for pictures of the views, pool, etc.

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