Cuota 37D is good

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From Troncones, it's 3 miles to the route 200 coastal highway, where you will turn north (left). This road is a hybrid, the old road is being replaced one section at a time - so it's currently a mixture of new and old road.

The old road sections are narrow and have no paved shoulder; tall vegetation grows right up to the edge of the pavement and in some places there can be as much as 8-10 inch drop-offs right off the edge of the paved surface. This type of road can be dangerous, especially at night. keep your speed down and watch for animals (and people) that might appear out of the vegetation onto the road.

The sections of new road are wide 2-lane, with paved shoulders. Much safer. However, there isn't much signage where the road transitions from old sections to new sections. So you need to be on your toes and expect these transitions every few miles.

About 30KM North of Troncones is the entrance onto Cuota (toll) highway 37D, which goes north toward Nueva Italia and Uruapan. This road is completed, fast, and smooth. Tolls are expensive, but well worth it. You can exit at the village of Infernillo, etc. to get onto the local road system for your birdwatching - or stay on 37D toll road and just stop in spots - or take one of the exits further north to get onto the local roads.

There's a big dam at Infernillo and north of there is a very long V-shaped reservoir. Cuota road 37K pretty much follows the western arm of the V, going over a series of perhaps 5 or six big orange color bridges. So, you might just continue north on 37D and stop along the side of the road in spots for your birding.

From Infernillo north, there is also an asphalt paved local road which was used to carry traffic while 37D was being constructed. Narrow, with lots of switchbacks and slow going, but the pavement is probably still good, since they only finished 37D toll road a couple years ago. This road will keep you close to the reservoir and, further north, along the river valley, where it eventually meets old route 37 that winds through the mountains north to Nueva Italia, then Ururapan (or south through the mountains to Lazaro Cardenas).

Or, as Ernesto suggest, you might stop at Infernillo and try to find a fisherman that would (for a fee) take you by boat up the reservoir - plus act as a guide to find the bird species you are looking for.

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