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Escrito por steve in pdx desde (c-24-22-123-218.hsd1.or.comcast.net) el día domingo, 19 de noviembre, 2006 a las 22:22:29 horas :

In my previous visits to Zihuatenajo, it has been most apparent the best way to experience this fabulous area is to do some basic Zihua protocol.
1. Keep a journal. It's a great way to figure out what favorite activities you had. (bacause you'll want to come back).
2. Keep lots of small 10, 20 & 50 peso notes to tip and pay in the true Zihua way. (Always buy the gum from the kids).
3. Pack light. After packing your suitcase; take out one half of the clothes you just packed. Take that extra space and pack notebooks and coloring pencils for Lupita for the children. You definitely will not notice the less clothing.
4. Lose the American-style attitude and just enjoy these fabulouse Mexican people. Revel in their wonderful customs.
5. Walk. Walk the streets and converse with locals. They have been so helpful to me and my severe pigeon spanish. I get the feeling they really appreciate my efforts to engage in their language.
6. Learn at least a couple spanish phrases. Por favor and muchas gracias goes a long way to establish the respect I hope you are trying to convey.
7. A little deet, sunscreen, gifts for hotel workers, a gift of gratitude to the hard working locals and respect for the work ethic and environment goes a long way to establish the friendship and understanding a traveler would like to have in their vacation.
Hope your have a wonderful time. Tres diaz mas and counting.

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