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Escrito por Laurie desde ( el día lunes, 20 de noviembre, 2006 a las 09:26:56 horas :

Hi everyone....just got back from Ixtapa/Zih. We absolutely loved Zihuatanejo. We did not venture far as we just enjoyed sitting in front of the beautiful bay and watching the fisherman. Also sat for hours just watching people go by and enjoying the weather. We made a friend in Luis at Alberto's and had some beer with him. We now know we need to go back to Zih (will pass on Ixtapa-beautiful but really nothing going on) and finish seeing what we missed. We had one thing happen that we were wondering if it happens alot. We were at a restaurant by the waters edge and enjoying shrimp tacos, fresh guacamole and margaritas, and having a really nice conversation with our waiter. We hung out there for quite awhile. He came to us and handed us a piece of paper which my husband read and, thinking it was a joke, handed it to me. It was a "menu" of drugs he (or the restaurant?) was selling, how much you got, or how much it was. There were all sorts of goodies on the list. We weren't offended, took it lightly, and asked him if he was nervous someone would tell the police. He said the police did not care! Any truth to that? Now, for another whole year I will be reading this board and trying to decide where to stay, and maybe we can get passed the relaxing beauty of the bay and see some other sites. Or maybe we will just spend another week doing that again. Wonderful town. Thanks everyone.

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