Rental Car Insurance

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Escrito por MCD desde ( el día martes, 28 de noviembre, 2006 a las 11:09:47 horas :

What's the latest scoop on the requirement for mexican insurance on cars rented at the airport by visiting gringos?

There was a flurry of posts on this subject about a month ago, but it seemed like there were differences of opinion whether insurance coverage provided by U.S. credit cards was valid.

Rental rates advertised for the various providers at ZIH vary widely - it seems that what appear to be the cheapest rental car companies do not honor U.S. credit card coverage and charge high daily rates for their coverage. Hertz, for example, seems to have a much higher rate for rental - but some say that they honor U.S. credit card coverage.

What's the real experience been - from those who have actually rented lately?

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