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The low cost of the rooms (comparatively) is the reason most people are assigned rooms without a beach view or a balcony/patio. There are not that many rooms with a patio or a balcony. Consequently, the better rooms seem to go to folks who go there every year and stay for longer periods of time. I have simply asked politely at the front desk for an upgrade and eventually was able to upgrade. I'd prefer to have a better room, but the reality of the situation is that you are not likely to get one, especially if you are a first-timer and are staying a short time. I've had better luck staying two weeks. I wasn't there last year but was there the previous two years for two-week stretches. I've always tried to be polite and respectful while waiting for an upgrade, and that seems to work.

The beach is fine. Before I started staying at the VM, I stayed at the Posada Royal on the beach at Ixtapa. I recognize the surf there can be treacherous. However, I used normal precautions and common sense, avoiding swimming on days when the breakers were especially rough. Never allow children to swim there unattended. I had a heck of a good time boogey-boarding on the safer days, though! I thought they charged a little much for board rental and had considered buying my own board while there, and abandoning it upon leaving (if I boogied everyday, I would have saved half the rental fees by purchasing my own). The water was more clear in Ixtapa for snorkeling, but much calmer at La Ropa, though cloudier. Besides, I/Z is not really a snorkeling paradise anyhow.

I would walk all the way down the beach, take the steep stairs up at the end of the beach, walk up the steep hill and walk all the way into Zihuatanejo. It is a bit of a walk, but it pre-burns all the calories you'll be taking in if you dine along fisherman's walk. I'd generally take a taxi back to the hotel.

Have fun at the VM, greet Albie the waiter (he's my Spanish teacher) at the Dona Prudencia (great restaurant). This hotel is located right on the beach. There are numerous excellent and moderately priced restaurants along the beach. Enjoy yourselves, and be sure to take in a massage on the beach in front of VM!

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