Vehicle permit extension

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Escrito por Abigail desde ( el día jueves, 14 de diciembre, 2006 a las 22:51:47 horas :

When we came over the border from the U.S. with our car in August the men at Mexican customs (Aduana) pointed out that our FM3's expired in December and we would need to get an extension on our vehicle when we renewed our FM3's. Here's how it worked.

At the border Aduana puts a sticker on your windshield with the expiration date of your vehicle permit on it. You should keep that piece of paper in a safe place. It is vital to your renewal.

After completing the renewals on our FM3's at Inmigracion in Zihuatanejo we took a ride out to the airport. Went to Aduana, (located behind the glass doors airline passengers arrive through). Showed the document the sticker had been attached to, our passports, our renewed FM3's and for our efforts got a document noteing the extension of our vehicle for another year. We did not get a new sticker so the expiration date on the sticker looks as if we have allowed the vehicle to expire but we have the document to show, and that, my friends is how it works.

My thanks to Luis Miguel and the team at the Aduana at the Zihuatanejo airport for their professionalism and friendship.

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