Here's A "Troncones" "Restaurant" "Suggestion"

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Escrito por Ernie Gorrie desde ( el día miércoles, 27 de diciembre, 2006 a las 16:41:23 horas :

There is a lot of quotation marks in the subject line for a reason. It isn't really Troncones; it isn't really a restaurant; it isn't really a suggestion. But here it is.

The following might be a bit (or way) to adventurous for many, but it may be of interest to those who would like to have some Mexican home-style cooking.

It isn't really a restaurant, but the woman serves food and I have never had a bad meal from her. Her name is Diosalina. She was the cook for the construction crew when our house in Troncones was being built 10 years ago. The photo is Diosalina in her construction kitchen.

She speaks no English. She makes meals from whatever she has that day. I have had, or seen, chiles relleno, sopa de camarones, sopa de pescado, huachinango entero, langosta, pollo en mole, chivo, guacamole and other dishes. There is no menu. But as I say, I have never had a bad meal from her, and I have eaten a lot of meals she has prepared.

One caution. If she provides homemade salsa, taste a tiny bit before using any. You have been warned.

Her place is in the village of La Majahua, just north of the Playa Manzanillo that is part of Troncones. Here is the best descr1ption I can give to get there.

When you enter La Majahua from the south, the road takes a 90 degree turn to the right. the ocean is on your left. As you proceed, there is a small (pink? pastel blue?) school on the right. Then there is a short road on the left that goes to the beach. On the northwest corner there is a small store that is sometimes open.

Go a little further along and there is a slight rize in the road. Her place is on the right, with no sign, but several tables. If the road starts a slight downward incline and you see Restaurante Los Angeles, you have gone too far. Go back a few steps and you'll see a place and think, "This can't be the place that Ernie meant". That is the place. (If you take a look at La Majahua using Google Earth, it is at 17 48' 14.87" N 101 44' 48.72" W.)

If you decide to go there, and if you have enough Spanish, when you enter, let her know that Don Ernie (that is how she knows me because she was our construction cook and a relative of hers works for us now) suggested you go there.

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