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Escrito por Rhonda desde ( el día viernes, 29 de diciembre, 2006 a las 16:33:02 horas :

Well, finally able to share our trip, with you. Been busy since returning on the 18th, with Christmas.

We arrived in Zihua late afternoon on the 4th of Dec. to absolutely beautiful weather. Anything is better than Alberta in December, right? Forgot to get pesos, oh well, brought some USD with us, found us a taxi, after bypassing the "coyotes". It was 29 USD, as previous trip reports had said.

Arrived at our hotel, Villas Miramar, to find it very quiet and peaceful for our first week. Very nice place, we had two bedrooms, kitchen, two bathrooms, sitting area, and a balcony with a spectacular view. Room 118 if your interested.

The pool was very nice and cool to take a dip in every 20 minutes or so, in those hot humid temps. Our hotel did not have any beach loungers or palapas on the beach, so
I did spend a lot of my time by the pool just relaxing for the first couple of days. Sorry, ocean lovers, this is my idea of relaxing. My husband did enjoy his daily swims in the ocean, but I enjoyed my lounger and dips in the pool.

We had friends who were staying at Bungalows Ley, also on Madera, so got together with them on day two. They have travelled to Zihua quite a bit in the last four years, so know some locals. We had the pleasure to meet these people and thoroughly enjoyed spending a lot of time with them over the 2 weeks we were there.

Went shopping at the Comercial, what an excellent shopping experience, was able to purchase what we needed for our room and then some. After a few days went back to get some more.

Went to the Mexican Market downtown, now that is an experience. Lots and lots of stuff to see and buy, but really hot in there. Excellent leather sandals in all colors and style you can imagine. Next time I am not taking any shoes with me, and will purchase all there.

Went to the Banks every couple of days, never had a problem using the ATM. That is all we used other than credit card for the hotel. No problem.

One thing I did not do right off, and I will next time, is to get coin change for the little kids selling things and the streets. For a peso or two you can get some neat trinkets to take home for your kids, or just keepsakes.

Spent two days fishing with Captain Armando Vargas on the Nautilus 11. First day small fish, about 10 Bonitas. Who cares, the weather, company and sights were awesome. Several days later went fishing for the big ones. My husband pulled the first sailfish in, about 5 feet, this one danced pretty good on the water coming in, it was neat to watch. The second one was mine, and oh no!, it was bigger, by about a foot and a half.

How much fun is that, reeling one of those in. As we were coasting along, a 6 foot Mahi-Mahi grabbed a line and away my husband went. This was a much more challenging fight to get this fish to the boat. About 20 minutes later, he was there. What a beautiful colored fish.

Armando and his two sons, Armando Jr. and Richard were the absolute best hosts going. It was meeting this family that made our trip so enjoyable. Richard got married while we were there, and we were invited. What and honor to partake in their special day. We wish Richard and Roas all the best in their future together.

On Monday, Dec. 11th, the Celebration of the Virgin Mary starts with a boat parade from Ixtapa to Zihuatenejo. We were also invited to this which is indeed and honour. We started off at Ixtapa Island, having lobster and shrimp, then about 5:45, loaded up and joined about 18 other boats for the parade to Zihua. By the time we arrived their were about forty boats in all. Lots of fireworks, really neat to see.

Throughout the second week, we went to Petatlan and bought some gold, seen the church, and stopped at Barra De Potosi on the way back. We had met another fella their, by the name of Miguel, who drove us there in his truck. What an excellent tour guide. It was nice having him at the gold market to help me negotiate. Miguel has a restaurant called Mariscos Galeana, it is one block from the beach across from the Jungle Bar. He served the best quesadillas ever. We ate there several times and it was always great.

Spent the last couple of days buying the rest of our souvenirs, blankets, t-shirts and the works. On our final day, Armando and wife Eddy, Richard and Rosa invited us out on the boat to go to Manzanillo Bay swimming. It was just south of Zihua but before Playa Larga and Barra De Potosi. It was beautiful, such clear and calm water.

Left the next day for home and reality. Although I missed my kids, I could have stayed another week.(or more). I know we'll be back to Zihua probably a lot sooner than we should, but going their was a wonderful experience. It all depends on what you want for a holiday. I enjoyed not being an all inclusive, where you could eat wherever, whenever.

I read an heard about the cruise ships and how they "wreck" the view, well you know, without these ships, during slow season, those little shops would have a hard time making it. We enjoyed sitting at the pier bar, Lilly's, and people watching on the days. If I wanted to buy anything when the ships were in I just told them I had been hear for a week and was not a "cruiser", I usually was able to get a few more pesos off.

Anyhow, to make a long story short(LOL), we thoroughly enjoyed Zihua and we will be back.

Rhonda in Canada

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