Trip Report 12/23 - 12/28

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Escrito por AGC desde (?) el día martes, 02 de enero, 2007 a las 14:45:59 horas :

I just returned from my first trip to Zihua, and had a great time. I referenced this board several times before leaving and found it helpful.

We stayed at Hotel Rossy on La Ropa beach, which was perfect for us (very simple: bed, shower, fan, deck with hammock). The price was $100 per night, due to the holiday season, and they only take cash. It was nice to know some Spanish because the girl at the check-in counter spoke very little. They have a shuttle to the airport.

I was a little disappointed with the number of people on La Ropa beach. Absolutely packed every afternoon during the busy holiday. Mostly Mexican families with kids and dogs. We found that we preferred swimming before noon, then getting out of the way of the crowds.

We chartered a fishing boat at a shop in town, and had a lucky day fishing (we were told it is a 50% chance of catching a good sized fish). The price was $180 for deep sea (8 a.m. to 2 p.m.). We had a seasoned captain (Ernesto?), who spoke no English. We caught a huge sail fish (about 9 feet, 140 lbs). We took enough fish meat for one meal and the men on the dock brought us to a restaurant to have it cooked. I understand that the captain gets to keep the fish.

We had great Red Snapper at Rossy Restaurant (different building from hotel) and the waiters were really nice. We intented to go to IL Mare Ristorante –Taverna, which had been recommended by a friend, but never made it.

We followed the directions of a previous post and thought the food was good (I can't remember who posted it)..... "My best food find this year was the torta especial con todo ($15 pesos)(shredded pork, ham, cheese, tomatoe and pickled jalepenos) at a place next to where Canadian Larry lives in the hole in the fence. It is kitty corner from Tamale’s Any, mid block across from a jugo stand. There is no name on the front but there were always several locals sitting there eating or waiting for their order."

One thing that we learned was to ask for alcohol if ordering pina coladas or other fruity drinks. We received a few without any (especially during happy hour at the bars on the beach that cater to tourists).

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