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Escrito por Kathy Carter desde ( el día miércoles, 03 de enero, 2007 a las 03:19:16 horas :

This was a much anticipated first time trip to Zihua/Ixtapa to celebrate our friend's wedding. They were all staying at the Melia in Ixtapa, while Chris and I decided on a different set of of accommodations. We had booked a week at the Villa Vera Puerto Mio and a week at Casa Gregorio in the Troncones.

When we arrived in the late afternoon, the sun was shining and the humidity was high. I always love way it slaps you in the face (the humidity that is) as you step from the plane. Shared a suburban cab with our friends who were going on too Ixtapa. Stayed one night at the Hotel Arrecife...I was a little cautious at first but once we freshened up and spoke to the owner I was feeling much more comfortable (gringo that I am). We probably walked a few streets that we shouldn't have, but found our way to the water and found food.
Found a really great coffee shop/bakery. ( Let me apologize, this being our first trip to Zihua, I cannot remember the name of any streets/stores etc. My eyes were always too wide, taking it all in. ) After delicious coffee and muffins we walked to the municipal market, where all the locals were busy socializing and shopping. To say it was an smorgasboard for the senses would be an understatement...truly fascinating! As we walked more, Chris spotted a clock/bell tower near one of the roundabouts. Next I knew we were climbing the skinny spiral staircase to the top. Very cool. Back to the Arrecife to get our bags. Now the night before we had arranged with a cab driver to pick us up at noon to take us to Villa Vera. So there we were, sitting on the curb, waiting, waiting...and my better half being the time conscious fellow that he is...called another cab and off we went. Zipped the up hill thru some residential areas and found Villa Vera. As we were checking in , Chris noticed outside the cab driver he had originally made arrangements with and ran out and with the help of a translator explained why we had not waited and then arranged for him to come and get us to go to Ixtapa. After all of that and finally getting checked in, we climbed the 4 flights to out room and settled in. To our disappointment our room had no had a beautiful view, the kind that takes your breath away at first sight...but no balcony! I of course made the call to the front desk and asked for said balcony and was told "she would look into it." Let me report now rather than later, that we did indeed receive a room with a balcony on the second floor, which was wonderful as the stairs became old real fast! After quickly unpacking, we headed downtown, there was more exploring to do. We also wanted to partake in the local festivities at the basketball court. It's always wonderful to see families enjoying themselves as a community. As this is my line of work (community recreation), I always seek this out when we travel. The day was getting long and we had not climatized to the humidity yet, so dinner was in order and the air conditioning of our room required. Had dinner at Bandidos, met a lovely gal from Vancouver, made arrangements to meet on Tuesday and head over to Las Gatas. Found a taxi and off to sleep...gotta love air conditioning!

Chris woke me up early Monday and suggested I look out the window. It was still dark and I was still clinging to sleep, but I stumbled to the took me a few seconds to register what i was seeing... a cruise ship lit up like a highrise, right out in front of me. Now I realize there is much debate on the whether these ships should be there and I hold no opnion one way or the other, but my was a sight that will stay with for a long time and that when I try to describe it to others, I will not do it justice. I believe we saw 4 more during our weeks stay...enough said.

We were to taxi to Ixtapa today, as Chris wanted to rent a bicycle and that was the only place we could find one. We got Ixtapa, walked about, had lunch, got his bike, and beat it back for Zihua. Ixatapa did not appeal to us, but hey each to his own. Had some lovely pool time and a wonderful dinner at our hotel.

Chris got up early and rode his bike to La Ropa. Bike had a break down, but he was able to find a bike shop and get a new sprocket installed. Good thing he some pesos stuffed in his socks. Got ourselves organized after breakfast and headed downtown. We walked down the path/road below our hotel, took roughly 15 minutes, all down hill. We always walked down and cabbed back. Met Gail and her friend Virgina and headed for the dock to get us to Las Gatas. Chris had spoken to someone at our hotel and he said to head to the very last place at Las Gatas (told you I can't remember names)...We settled in, pops and beers all around. Very relaxing, very nice beach, hardly a soul there. Had massages on the beach...10.00 for half hour. Had great fish tacos. Heck, I didn't even notice that the cruise ship had left. Great day...ended it with lobster on the beach with the one I love..

Chris up early again, rode to the airport this today. It's a cloudy day. Chris has booked massages for us at the hotel, a special treat...he goes first and returns to the room with "bliss" written all over his face. He has decided he wants to do the Zipline tour. I say have fun, I'm looking for pool time. This is a constant for us...adventures/pool time! He returns a few hours later, slighty injured I might add. When you zipline it is imperative that you make sure that your legs are lifted completely off the ground, or else you will twist your leg, and run into a tree and scrape your arm! Enough said...lunchtime!
More starts to rain, so we clean up and decide to walk downtown...I need a latte. It was kind of romantic...lattes in the rain. Decide to walk back up the hill this time, want to stop at Casa Bahia for dinner. We are literally the only people in there. Great view, wonderful food, great atmosphere. We trudge it up the hill, Chris pulls me me up by my umbrella. Sleep/Sleep/Sleep.

It's now Thursday and we are heading to the Melia in Ixtapa to meet all of our friends. Arrived at the Melia , said our holas and all headed down the beach to the pier, to head over to Isla Ixtapa. The beach at the Melia was pretty much non existent and not very nice. Looked for alligators, but couldn't find any. Hopped on boat and headed across. Chris and I kept looking north with anticipation as we talked about the Troncones. Found all the rest of our pals on the other side of the island and settled in for a day at the beach. The water was pretty rough. I have no idea if it is like that all the time, but I saw several people get tossed into the rocks. Had a real good day with everyone. After goodbyes to all headed back to Villa Vera, had another wonderful dinner. So very pretty there...sleep comes easily one more time.

Chris's ride took him to Ixtapa today. Yippeeee, it was pool day! The sun was shining in all it's glory, there was not a cloud in the sky and it was that blue colour that makes you smile. The day was perfect, dip in the pool, lay in the sun, read a few pages, turn over, dip in the pool, lay in the get the idea. Around 4 we headed downtown, woaaaaa was it hot. We wandered around, Chris had fish tacos, I had shrimp tostados. The heat/humidity was becoming a little unbearable for me, so off my honey went to find the internet cafe and the air conditioning that lay beyond the glass doors. He came back for me and the air conditioning brought me back to human again. Shall we say I was having a moment.
Another nice evening, headed back home. Air conditioning rocks.

Today, Saturday was wedding day. I'll just say it was very beautiful and thank god the sky had become a little overcast, as I am sure we could never have sat outside on the pier if the sun had been shining...too hot!

Off to the Troncones...yeah! Stop at the Comercial Mexicana, stock up on food and drinks. The drive to the Troncones was very cool. The coconut groves, small villages. The road in from the highway is very bumpy , and there's a puerco crossing the street as we arrive. We find Casa Gregorio and I am in heaven. The view of the ocean is magnificent...the constant sound of the pounding waves, the horizon so far away, I believe in my own minds eye, this what they call paradise. We of course headed down the beach to see what there was to see. Almost the only ones on the beach, except for maybe 10 others scattered here in there. Stopped in at Mi Casa Su Casa for a cold drink and a chance for some shade. Met the owner and some of his friends from Seattle...cht chatted bit , and then headed back down the beach. Soooooo hot. Made it back in one unmelted piece we did! There is an iguana that lives with us, I swear he is 2 feet long and I ave seen him! He is of course as scared of me as I am of him and thus his scurrying back into the bush makes him all the more elusive...sort of Loch Ness monster thing..."did you see him?"...I'm not sure, I saw something."

We grill some burgers for dinner , but not before we almost blow up. Luckily all was ok and the burgers were great! Our first night in the Troncones was good, it takes a while to get used to new digs. I had to get used to the gecko's at the top of the wall, scurrying back and forth, chirping at us...we had to get used to the dampness from the ocean mist...we had to get used to the tiny little ants that can congregate...ahhhh the sound of the surf.

Monday was to be a very fun day, as everyone from Ixtapa (21 in all) are renting a bus and coming to the Troncones for the day. As soon as everyone arrives and moves thru the door , they are drawn to the ocean. They can't get there fast enough. Some vendors we met the day before arrive and a bounty of trinkets to our group. Lots of commotion and drinks all around. Laughter can be heard just under the sound of the surf. Dinner time gets close and off we head down the dirt road, some of us that is, others are picked by a van sent by the restaurant. We fill ourselves with fresh made tortillas and chiles rellenos (sp) and by the time we head back the bus is ready for them to load. Chris and I look at each other, knowing that as soon as they leave,the pace of our vacation comes to a screeching halt. We will now have 5 days completely to ourselves....

The rest of our 5 days were so relaxing it was scary. Chris kept asking "Is it alright that we do nothing?" We slept, we ate, we read, we sunned, we pooled, we oceaned, we walked on the beach, we talked, we said nothing, we picked up shells, we counted surfers, we loved it.

Let's see...we ate dinner once at Hacienda Eden...great. We ate a couple of time at Precious Moments Retreat...very good...bought several gifts in their shop.

Not sure what else I can say that we all who have been have felt about this place....Cheers!

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