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I can tell you about going out with Hector! It was AWESOME and our best day all week! We went snorkeling (husband, myself, + my 22 year-old daughter and her college roommate). We arranged to meet him at the pier in Zihuatanejo at 8am. Several people suggested 7am but we couldn't get the girls out of bed quite that early. We even ran a few minutes late, but he was there waiting for us.

I'm not sure how long we were out - just a long, wonderful day. I know we started early, and after we returned, my husband and I just had time to browse in a shop or two in town and stop by Rick's bar before taking a cab to the Catalina Sunset Bar just before the sun went down.

The price was $140.UDS and included the boat, the friendly and helpful services of both Hector and his brother Ramon, beer, water, soft drinks, fishing gear if we wanted, snorkeling equipment, information about the area, Hector's guidance and assistance snorkeling at both Manzanillo and Las Gatas, great company . . . and the best fresh fish ever prepared at one of the restaurants on Las Gatas.

I recommend the early start because when we arrived at Manzanillo, we had the place entirely to ourselves and the water was wonderfully clear. Shortly before we left, Picante Cruises arrived with a ton 'o snorkelers and I'm sure the water was not nearly as clear with so much activity.

Hector went into the water first to find a sea sponge to rub on our masks to keep them from fogging up (works better than the tried and true 'spit' method). He made sure everyone had the right fit, and kept an eye on everyone to see if they needed assistance.

He knows all the best areas to snorkel and frequently pointed out things we would have otherwise missed - even dove down and brought up a couple of interesting creatures for us to see/hold that we never would have found.

We are not fishermen (or women) but after snorkeling and enjoying a cruise out on the water, Hector and Ramon loaded up a couple of poles to catch some fresh fish and asked if the girls or myself wanted to reel them in.

Afterwards, he took the fish to a restaurant owned by one of his relatives and had them prepared two different ways. How good were they? Well, my 22 year old DOES NOT EAT FISH. Ever. Of any kind. She not only tried both kinds (it looked and smelled SO good), but she had seconds. I was amazed. We enjoyed La Gula, Villa del Selva, Bandidos and Tamales in Zihuatanejo, and both Franks and Mamma Normas in Ixtpa, but both girls rated our lunch on the beach with Hector as the very best of the week.

He gave us plenty of time to enjoy lunch and wandering about, asked if we wanted to go back in and snorkel after lunch, which we did, although early afternoon on Dec 30th was very crowded and the water not nearly as clear as early in the morning. We wandered around a bit more, had a couple of cervezas, and then headed back to the pier. It was a perfect day. The cost was more than reasonable at only $35. per person, but the service and kindness were invaluable. I'm not sure how much my husband tipped, but we had such a good time, no amount could have been 'too much - it was that good.

There are a few threads on the board from mid-late December that have more telephone information if you do a search with his name. The card we have lists 554-43-11.

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