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Escrito por Earl Shagley desde ( el día domingo, 14 de enero, 2007 a las 23:11:15 horas :

My wife, myself and our daughters have been coming to Zihua for over twenty years and we seem to never tire of the experience. They are grown now and have familys of their own and lives to be lived but we still try to come as a family whenever possible. The wife and I have just returned from two weeks in Zihua and Troncones and found it as enjoyable as ever. We found we felt no more or less safe than ever. We live in San Francisco and are aware of places that we are cautious about visiting at nite and I would feel the same anywhere in any country or city any where in the world. That said, we have traveled by limo, bus, taxi and small boat throughout Mexico without an unpleasant incident. No, we don't travel at night, except around Zihua. We don't buy drugs, we don't eat at places that seem questionable to common sense and always have water with us. We are courteous and patient with people we meet and try to use our limited spanish whenever possible.
I have developed a particular fondness for Mexico and its people. I think if anyone who travels here would do the same, you too will find a rewarding and interesting experience.
Hope everyone reading this will worry less and you will enjoy your visit beyond your expectations.

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