Interesting Small Villages Nearby

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A couple of side-trips are worthwhile while you are in the area of Patzcuaro - unfortunately, without a map in hand I can't remember their names. But they are well known and you should be able to find them - perhaps with a little guidance from your hotel staff in Patzcuaro.

One is about 15-20KM south - a small village that specializes in metalworking. They have everything from very large brass bells to house number signs crafter out of metal. A really interesting place to spend a day poking your nose into the various artisan shops.

The other is at the very northeast corner of Lake Patzcuaro. This village specializes in woodworking - particularly hand carved items. You will also find in this village a big selection of colorful woven craft items. I think less interesting than the metalworking village - but worth a coupld hours of poking around. Only about a half hours' drive north of Patzcuaro. If you have a SUV or jeep, you can follow the back road which follows the east shore of Lake Patzcuaro. Parts of this road were under construction last year to widen the road. Other parts further north were just one lane with occasional turnouts so cars from opposite directions could pass one another. Very picturesque, but you need high ground clearance and maybe also 4 wheel drive through the construction zones and/or if it's muddy.

Finally, you might consider also spending a night in Uruapan, which is very close to your route. There's a beautiful national/state park there, located on the NW side of town + a Sam's Club (along the main road east of the town center). Hotel Mansion is a good (if not cheap) place to stay and from this hotel you can walk into the park.

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