side trip from Zihua, Michoacan

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Escrito por Barb desde ( el día sábado, 03 de febrero, 2007 a las 21:32:08 horas :

My husband and I hit the road from Zihua in Jan. for an added adventure, and I highly recommend it. Since it's most convenient to have a car to go down the dirt roads from hwy 200 to the beaches, we rented one for a few days and went as far as Las Brisas in Michoacan. The coast of Michoacan is stunningly lovely in so many places, and it seems as if there is a dirt road down to the beach every few minutes. We really enjoyed Caleta de Campos, about 3 hrs from Zihua. It sits on a bluff above the ocean, with a beautiful small bay to the east and a never-ending ocean beach to the northwest. We enjoyed a restaurant "Las Adelitas" and its sweet English-speaking waitress, Faviola,
who had a wealth of information about the area. I hope to make this an annual side-trip from Zihua.

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