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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día lunes, 05 de febrero, 2007 a las 08:51:25 horas :

-10° to 82° what a pleasant feeling! Left MSP Saturday on the 7AM flight. NWA has taken over all the flights to Ixtapa via Worryfree Vacations. Nice to have a little legroom again! Heavy cloud cover over central Mexico on the way down. Once we reached the coast the clouds dissipated to high thin clouds. New at the airport this year is that they are x-raying your luggage before you head to the push button part of customs. They didn’t like my fillet knife that I bring every year and told me not to bring it next year? Clouds moved in around 6PM and it really looked like rain, but nothing happened. Sunday morning brought a heavier high cloud cover with sun poking through until the afternoon when the sun refused to allow any clouds to interfere. Weather seems to be changing to the normal pattern for this time of year as the evening temps seemed to rise and the early evening skies looked as if they were clearing for good. Las Gatas was the busiest I’ve ever seen as there is a holiday and all the kids are out of school. Great fun to see all the families on the beach and all the restaurants packed full! Took the water taxi over to Las Gatas with Senor Gunnysack and after a sample of his product I had to buy some. His Mezcal is the smoothest that I have had to date! Found a battery for my portable thermometer so I will have accurate temp info in the future. A few minor price increases this year, 35 peso’s for the water taxi to Las Gatas, 50 peso’s for taxi to and from Ixtapa to Zhia, a couple of more peso’s for a beer on Las Gatas. According to my local sources the fishing is a little slow, but I will be testing that rumor as I will be heading out to do a little fishing, possibly this week. Monday morning not a cloud in sight.

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