Trip report, the good - part 1

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Escrito por Waldo desde ( el día miércoles, 14 de febrero, 2007 a las 01:19:40 horas :

Just returned from Ixtapa 5 hours ago, great restaurants, wonderful weather. It was i'm sure 31/32 degrees every day, pretty nice for a canadian locked in a deep freeze. We stayed at the Dorado because of the fact they didn't have all inclusive,(although the first day at the swim-up bar i picked up a menu that was quickly taken from me as it was for the all inclusive guests only ?) I thought this hotel didn't offer all inclusive. we loved this hotel, great locat1on, clean, great view, great service, couldn't ask for more. BUT the reason we didn't go the all inclusive route is that we didn't want to be chained to the hotel. We walked the beach morning noon and night. We also enjoyed restaurants such as Mama normas & deborah and chili beans ( same owners i think) Franks ,although they use another name, doesn't come to mind. But the one that we loved the most was Emelio's. Wood fired clay oven pizza ( fantastic ) Another night we both ordered the ribs, big mistake because we should have shared one order ($21 gets you a huge portion) We arrived in ixtapa on tuesday feb 6 but didn't get into zihua until thursday. We took the bus into zihua and i guess there aren't a lot of tall mexicans because i couldn't stand up on the bus.(6'3") spent some time wandering around town and the pier had lunch at daniel's (pretty good) and headed back to our hotel.

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