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Escrito por julie desde (CPE0014bfe477f1-CM014320020745.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) el día lunes, 19 de febrero, 2007 a las 16:28:17 horas :

We spent a wonderful week there. I know there is not alot of reviews of this place. I just wanted to say that we really enjoyed it.
The view from the Coconut room is amazing. Laying in the hammock watching the sunrise and the beautiful colours of the sky at sunset. Our room and the place is quite clean. The pool was quite inviting after walking back from town or coming up from beach, or just a relaxing swim in the evening. It had everything we needed and more as we didn't even use the kitchen except to make coffee and keep beer cold. It was cleaned daily with fresh towels and drinking water.
We loved the locat1on as you could walk into town either by walking down the stairs to the beach, which came out right at MJ Ritches and then taking the waterfront path. Or you could go out the front down the hill to Calle Adelita and then over the bridge at one or two spots to the center of town. Not more than a 10 minute walk, maybe 15 if you were going slow. Or a $3 cab ride. It is also a two minute walk to the corner store to stock up. And barely five minutes to the restaurants on Calle Adelita.
The owner Mark was more than helpful and offered us advise on where to eat or hang out. We really didn't ask him to much as we had learned alot from this forum. He is a very laid back guy and very interesting to talk to.
All in all i would recommend this place to anyone. It is very relaxing and quiet. There were other guests there and we couldn't even tell most of the time. I must add that if you have trouble walking, there a few stairs down to all the rooms and to the beach.
I will try and post some pictures if anyone wants to see them.
Hope this review helps.

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