5th trip down and still lovin it

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Escrito por Pat in St. Paul desde (x94-75-152.ej1074.umn.edu) el día lunes, 19 de febrero, 2007 a las 17:31:37 horas :

Six of us (friends)just got back from a fun-filled week in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, where we stayed at the Las Brisas. The resort itself really is fabulous and the rooms were quite nice. The nicest staff anywhere. No complaints. We paid extra money to stay on the the Las Brisas Beach Club floors--floors 20 and 21 (free breakfast daily, free happy hour/hors doeuvres, and no kids allowed). It was worth the money. Getting to the beach was a challenge for me, since I choose not to take elevators, but I survived the treks. The resort did provide a shuttle every 15-minutes to and from the pool on the 10th floor, which we rode a couple of times. My husband took advantage of the opportunity to tease me daily on our hikes up from the beach to ask me if I needed to stop for a smoke break as he sprinted on by.

I was surprised at the amount of change in Ixtapa. One day we thought we would show our friends each of the resorts (by doing a beach bar-hopping tour) but were turned away by guards at the gate. A number of them must be all-inclusive now or have become time-shares. We were also disappointed that we couldn't ride the tram up to El Faro (at Pacifica Villas). That used to be a favorite thing of ours to do, but we were very rudely turned away. Also, it was sad to see the lighthouse at the Marina is no longer in use. The happy hour sunset view from there was fabulous and it was a fun place to go.

We ate memorable meals at Villa de la Selva, Beccofino, Casa Bahia, Coconuts, Daniels, Momma Norma, The Golden Cookie Shop (great breakfast!), and made our usual pilgrimages to Banditos, La Perla, Crocodilos, and a few other places on La Ropa for drinks and hors doeuvres in the sand. I only wish we could have stayed longer than a week so we could have hit more establishments on our list--you can't do it all in a week. Next time!

The weather was perfect the entire 7 days of our vacation (no sweaters or jackets were necessary at night). The next time we come back, I think we will stay somewhere on La Ropa for the convenience of being able to walk around Zihua. Not to say that the cab rides weren't enjoyable, but we like to walk whenever we can. Ixtapa/Zih is truly a paradise. I hope the locals realize what a beautiful thing they have going there.

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